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"Town Square" recreates 1950s San Diego for Alzheimer's patients

Would you get your cavities filled by someone who's not a dentist?

Brain scans could help predict autism in babies before symptoms appear

Sargento recalls cheese due to possible contamination

Recovering from Strep Throat

Caring for a sick child at home

Medical experts talk incontinence and the pelvic floor

Steering clear of the bug going around

Many U.S. children suffer from low back pain

Danger of coats in car seats

Health care signup deadline approaches: What to do?

Dying with cancer: could your location determine your fate

Falling TVs sends a child to the ER every hour

Common makeup mistakes women make in their 40's

New guidelines on when to keep your sick kid home from school

Why having a fever is good for your child

Study: Weekend workouts can provide similar benefits to working out during week

Knox County Health Department Dental Clinic

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