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Made in Tennessee

Knoxville freelance artist designs some of UT Athletics' most iconic images

Made in Tennessee: Dudenbostel Musical Instruments

Made In Tennessee: Tennessee School of Beauty

Made in Tennessee: Tennessee Barrel Stoves

Made in Tennessee: Swaggerty's Sausage

Made in Tennessee: Rhoades Car

Tennessee Traveler: Wild Love Bakehouse

East Tennessean builds extravagant cat houses

East Tennessee company makes homemade meals

Knoxville's green locomotive

Made in Tennessee: The Sphidget

Krystal hamburgers: Made in Tennessee

Star Wars car made in Tennessee

Made in Tenn: Tomboy Organic Skincare

Martha White iconic southern flour

Made in Tennessee: Pin High Pro helps golfers

McDonald's Hot Apple Pie invented in Knoxville

X-ray machine invented in Knoxville helping the world

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