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President Trump comments on 100 day mark

Sessions comments on Hawaii remark

Legislature passes rural broadband bill

Bill to lower Tennessee penalties for pot possession fails

Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to serve as Supreme Court justice

Legal challenge over Fred Thompson's estate concludes

Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown

Senate panel favorably recommends Gorsuch for Supreme Court

McCain introduces bill to update currency, eliminate penny

Tennessee bill would kill laxer marijuana laws in 2 cities

Trump signs executive order dismantling Obama environmental regulations

Trump to unravel Obama's anti-global warming projects

AG: 'In God We Trust' plates constitutionally suspect

Haslam to speak to trucking group as lawmakers mull gas tax

Bill proposes opioid antagonist in schools

The Latest: House Republicans, short of votes, withdraw health care bill

House passes bill that blocks marijuana decriminalization

Guns on boats, silencer bills advance, while others delayed

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