West High School Football: Fed Up For Success

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WEST KNOXVILLE (WVLT) - The West High football team has a unique way of preparing for games.

It's not on the practice field, or the film or weight rooms. It's in the dining room.

Ken and Denise Bean, parents of junior linebacker KJ Bean, host the Rebels the night before every game for a pregame meal to beat all meals. This week's menu? 12 racks of ribs, 36 ears of corn, four potato casseroles, and "countless rolls," according to the Beans.

"You sit down and you get relaxed enough to go play a game, you watch a little film, and you just get to get that mental state that you need," K.J. Bean said.

Sometimes as few as ten players show up to the meal, sometimes as many as fifty. The Beans never know, and their overpreparation often means they often have plenty of leftovers.

"Sometimes we do. Neighbors and relatives benefit from those nights," Denise Bean said.

The weekly dinner builds unity that can't be duplicated on the practice field, the players say.

"It kinda gives you a bond that you really don't get on the practice field because you're always working with just your group," senior nose guard Dwayne Gable said.

A bond West will need if it hopes to beat Maryville Thursday.