191 Former Vols Support Fulmer in KNS Ad

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(WVLT) -- 191 former Tennessee football players put their name on an ad supporting coach Phillip Fulmer which appears in Friday's Knoxville News-Sentinel.

Former captains Peyton Manning, Casey Clausen and Will Bartholomew are among the names listed in the ad, as well as current or recent NFL players Albert Haynesworth, Cedrick Houston and Jonathan Wade.

The ad's message is clear: the thought of firing Fulmer, which has been expressed by some fans this season, is "laughable."

"Our perspective is unique," the ad says. "Our physical, emotional, and spiritual investment in Tennessee football can't be measured -- and probably can't even be understood without going through it. Let us be very clear: We are proud that Coach Fulmer is the head football coach of OUR team."

"Don't misunderstand us. The seriousness of the consequences has nothing to do with the possibility of Phillip Fulmer losing a job. The terrible loss would be if the University of Tennessee lost Phillip Fulmer."

Here is a link to a PDF version of the ad:


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