Pettys hope relocation will trigger success

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(WVLT) -- Ask a NASCAR fan to point to one name that embodies racing success, and they'll likely say the word "Petty." Indeed, Petty Enterprises is the winningest team in stock car history, and for six decades, it's called Level Cross, NC home.

Not anymore.

After 60 years of operating in Richard Petty's hometown; after 268 wins, including nine Daytona 500 victories, the company is moving 30 miles down the road to Mooresville. The reason?

For once, Petty is playing catch-up. The team, which includes Kyle Petty and Bobby Labonte, hasn't won a race since 1999. With the move to the facility Robert Yates used to use, Petty Enterprises is hoping to pull even again with NASCAR's leading teams.

Daryl Hobby has more in the attached story.

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