Security High For UT-Florida Game

UT Campus, Knoxville (WVLT) - Saturday night's the big SEC match up between UT and the Florida Gators.

With it being such a big match up, authorities are stepping up security measures.

Police suggest getting to the game at least two hours before kickoff. They also say to be prepared to be checked by metal detectors as well as getting patted down.

Three hundred Knox County deputies, Knoxville Police officers, and UT officers will be on hand to ensure everyone's safety.

"We have officers located from the freeways to the highways to the streets surrounding the stadium to contiguous to the stadium to actually in the bowl itself," says UT Police Chief August Washington.

Here's what you can take into the stadium: You can take cushions and seats without arms, diaper bags if you have a baby, purses, small cameras, pagers, cell phones and binoculars.

You can't take alcohol, radios without headphones, video cameras, open umbrellas, large bags, including backpacks, and of course, no weapons.

The game is at home Saturday night at 8:00 p.m., if you're not headed to the stadium, you can catch the game on WVLT Volunteer TV.