Summitt's Stunt Adds to Legacy

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Vol fans are still celebrating last night's huge win in front of one wild crowd at Thompson-Boling Arena.

A national TV audience was also watching on a night that had a little something for everyone, including Coach Pat Summitt answering the call in a very unique way.

Pat Summitt's already a legend. You have to believe last night's performance makes her an even bigger icon.

Pat donning a cheerleader outfit as did the members of her staff and during last night's first timeout paraded out to mid-court and came to the support of Bruce Pearl in a way 'Ole Rocky Top' won't soon forget.

"America got a chance to see a side of Pat Summitt that they probably haven't seen since she was in 8th grade when she had that outfit on," says Bruce Pearl. "That's the way Pat is, folks got a chance to look into Tennessee around the country and see a lot of fun going on. They saw some fun basketball, you got Coach Fulmer behind the bench, you got Coach Summitt and her staff out there during a timeout, you've got Peyton Manning, that's a pretty strong family."

And Ol' Dickie-V getting to where that hat, which was made by a Louisville couple. The couple runs a home based business out of their garage.

Tennessee tops Florida 86-76, it's the Vols first perfect regular season at home in 31-years.

What night! Senior night, as Dane Bradshaw goes out in style.

And I'll tell you, the Vols put on a great show for ESPN and the national TV audience.

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