Titans Coach Jeff Fisher Talks After Tuesday's Mini-Camp


(on how Chris Brown looked today):

It’s what we expected. He’s been working out every day. He’s been around; he knew what was going to happen when he did come to terms with whomever. He’s in good shape and he understands the offense. It wasn’t a problem. He fit in like he had been here all off-season. It was good to see him in the locker room again with a smile on his face, happy about what he’s doing and happy about his opportunity to compete.

(on LenDale White’s progress):

As I said, two weeks ago, as we finished up that session of OTA’s, we expected him back. He stayed around and worked hard the last couple of weeks with the trainers and the conditioning coaches. He’s back and he’s doing well. He looked pretty good today.

(on finishing up on the field this week):

We’re still doing football things this week. We have three more days. When we’re done Friday we will have everything in -- everything as far as offensive and defensive systems are concerned -- so the rookies will be in position to take a deep breath. get away, and come back ready to compete. We’re doing two things --pushing the conditioning and getting them ready so they can understand once camp comes around, but more importantly know what to do. It’s been a real good off-season. We’ve been pleased. I think I made a comment yesterday on last week, a non-OTA week, we had over 70 players here every single morning. That says a lot about their commitment to the program and how important it is to them to be successful.

(on Vince Young not finishing practice):

He has a mild calf (injury). We will look at it, but I don’t think it will be a problem. He was starting to tighten up, so we just shut him down.

(on Rien Long’s status):

Rien, as soon as tomorrow, may work back into things, which is really good. We’re waiting for the doctors. Brad (Brown) and our medical staff is up at the concussion symposium and they will be back in the morning. If we can get Rien cleared to come out, then he will be limited. He won’t be released at full speed, but at least he will be limited and will be able to rejoin the team.

(on the club releasing two players):

We don’t have to be at our camp number until we start signing draft choices. We did make a move. We released two players, Danny Ware and Jarvis (Jackson). That’s part of it, we’re going to let go a number of players as we start signing draft choices just to get to our numbers.

Story Courtesy: The Tennessee Titans

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