Lofton: "I was gonna go."

July 4, 2007

(Sports Overtime) -- There's no doubt that Bruce Pearl, along with every single Vol fan out there, was more than glad when Chris Lofton made the announcement to return for his senior season.

On April 24th, Lofton said, according to the NBA draft advisory committee, he was not guaranteed to be selected in the first round, and because of that, he decided not to submit his name in the draft.

Did the NBA take into account the ankle injury Lofton suffered January 20th against South Carolina, because if he hadn't got hurt, Lofton told Sports Overtime sister station WKYT (Lexington), "I was gonna go. It was just that my ankle, my injury, slowed me down a lot, and i couldn't work out for any teams.That forced me to come back."

The interview was gathered Tuesday. At the time, Lofton was in his hometown of Maysville, Kentucky.

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