Volunteer TV Becomes New Flagship Station for Vol Network

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Knoxville (WVLT) - We're taking "All Vol" to a new level here at Volunteer TV.

WVLT is proud to announce its new partnership with the Vol Network and the University of Tennessee.

It's very simple, from here on out, if it's UT, it's on WVLT!

The University of Tennessee has joined Host Communications in announcing Volunteer TV as the official East Tennessee TV outlet for the Vol Network.

Basically, as the flagship station for the Vol Network, Volunteer TV will now be the station you'll need to watch to see the Phillip Fulmer, Bruce Pearl and Pat Summitt shows in addition to a number of host and UT programming specials, and you'll be able to catch them on both Volunteer TV and our second station, MyVLT2.

It's a new ten year deal which takes effect immediately.

The big winner in all this is you, the Big Orange fan.

"If you look at what we're going to be able to offer in terms of our programming, showing multiple shows, multiple times on multiple platforms, the fans and the sponsors are the ones who ultimately win and we're excited about that,” says Host Communications General Manager Steve Early.

"At a time when we see a lot of people cutting back on their commitment to local sports and local programming, we're excited about the opportunity to bring more of it to the local fans and local viewers,” says WVLT Volunteer TV General Manager Chris Baker.

We've always felt we were the place for folks to get their Tennessee football, well this partnership is another step in the progression of your All Vol station.

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