Derek Dooley talks to fans at Big Orange Tip-Off Club

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Derek Dooley had plenty of punch Monday afternoon addressing the last Big Orange Tip Off Club meeting of the year.

When asked by a fan about his sideline demeanor Dooley said, "I don't know what I do during the game. I don't. I will probably know after one game at Tennessee. At Tech they didn't film me. You all will probably have 40 cameras."

The Vol Nation had been hungry to hear from its new head coach. Dooley hadn't made a public appearance since the day after signing day. "There's this perception that I'm hunkered down. I said I haven't done anything. Nothing's happened." said Dooley

What Dooley has been working on, in his words, is "relationship building". The new Vols head coach stressed that, "We can have the biggest of everything and we can pour money into everything, but it doesn't do any good if we can't go eyeball to eyeball with these players and reach into their soul. All we want to do is text, email and send memos and we think we're gonna change people's behavior like that. That's not how you do it."

As far as coaching style and philosophy, Dooley explained his as such: "We sometimes put too much emphasis on the x's and o's and the lifting and running and alot less emphasis on what's gonna make a difference when there's 4 minutes to go in the game and the game's tied. What teams win and what teams fall apart."

He also made it known that he's a family man, and the two can exist together, successfully. "I'm gonna be at my children's things and they are gonna be there with me and I think we can win alot of football games and still have a family. I believe that. And I'm gonna do that here."

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