President Bush Honors The Lady Vols Basketball Team At The White House

(WVLT) - In Honoring the 7th time National Champion Lady Vols Basketball Team, President Bush read a quote from Coach Pat Summitt talking about how the team's season goal was to play their best, win a National Championship, and be there to cut down the nets at the end ... and that's exactly what they did.

In a-bit of a gaf, the President honored Coach Summitt, stating he wasn't too sure if the Coach had become a hall of famer yet, which has happened on many levels of the game for Summitt some time ago.

The President took time to quickly honor Tennessee U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander and U.S. Rep. Zach Wamp, both in attendance at today's festivities.

The President praised all the athletes for their work on and off the field, and said good athletes, eventually become good citizens and public servants to their country.
The President also praised all the athletes for their work in the classroom as well.

This is the first time Tennessee's Lady Vols have not been honored in their own seperate ceremony linked to their 6 other National Championships for women's basketball.
Coach Summitt has had the pleasure of meeting the last four reining Presidents, from Ronald Reagan, to George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, and now George Bush, Jr.

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