Bour producing since returning from injury

KODAK, Tenn. - It is never easy for a professional athlete to miss time due to an injury. For a competitor like Tennessee Smokies first baseman Justin Bour it is even harder. After missing 2 months with a hairline fracture in his wrist Bour is happy to be back. "I feel like a kid. I really do. It feels great to be back. Those 2 months were brutal," Bour says.

In the week and a half since his return Bour has shown no signs of being slowed down by a still sore wrist. The first baseman has driven in 9 runs and scored 10 times himself in 9 games. Those kinds of numbers make his manager happy to have him back. "You look at his numbers. He's played in 23 games, he has 23 RBI. It doesn't take a genius to figure out all those games he missed was a lot of run production that we missed," says manager Buddy Bailey.

Having a consistent producer in the lineup has an effect on the entire team. Now that Bour is back the rest of the hitters don't have to stress over driving in runs. "And now that he's here they feel like he's the guy to knock in Runs. They can relax and go do what they do better and seems like all of them have calmed down a notch. And we've actually had better run production," Bailey says.

As for Bour's future, it is something that Justin says simply will work itself out. Bour states, "I've said before, it's not so much trickle up as it is trickle down. But whatever happens in the big leagues that all comes down. So what I've got to stay focused on is playing well here in Tennessee and all that stuff will take care of itself."

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