Carter using the "System" to put up big numbers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - If you have been to a Carter basketball game this season you know that you can never take your eyes off the game. The Hornets are torching the nets at a blistering pace, leading the state in scoring at 91 points a game.

Their offensive output is thanks to something they call the "System". "It's fast paced. You've got to just get out and make people run, make people run with you," says Hornets guard Jordan Bowden.

It's a style of play of constant pressing and shooting. Head coach Joby Boydstone refers to it as "disciplined chaos". It flies in the face of conventional coaching. "The only bad shot in my style is one that's not taken. And I've literally yanked guys out for not shooting a wide open three," says coach Boydstone.

He also likes to say that their conditioning is their style. "We try to wear teams down. Teams may stay with us one quarter, two quarters but by the third or fourth quarter we're still in shape to run the speed that we're running and they're not."

In order to pull this off you need a ton of depth. And you can expect a lot of substitutions. "We like to sub five in, five out. And we like to get everyone involved because we like to get fresh legs in and get the worn out legs out. Get their rest and then get them back in," says Hornets guard Charles Mitchell.

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