Coach Cuonzo Martin and wife speak at church

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) - Cuonzo Martin is a man with a strong Christian faith. And he wants people to know about it. The UT Men's basketball coach and his wife spoke Sunday morning to people at First Baptist Church of Knoxville.

The Martins shared their life experiences with the congregation at First Baptist. Coach Martin said that the message he wanted to deliver was also about how his faith has played a role in his relationship with his wife, "Well, the message my wife and I are speaking about it is really our lifestyle. How we came to know Christ. How we got to the point where we are in our life after being together for 20 years, 17 years married."

The couples strong faith has helped them get through tough times both on and off the court. Roberta Martin is quick to point out, "If you believe there is a plan for your life, then things that come along the way, whether they be losing or events that happen, you just believe that it's all in God's plan. And at the end of the day it will all work itself out."

Their marriage might even be a bit of divine intervention if you believe Roberta's mother. She tells the story, "One of the things that she (Roberta's mother) used to tell me, 'Roberta, I'm praying for you right now that God sends you your perfect husband.' As a kid, you roll your eyes and you're like 'oh mom'".

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