Phoenix is Rising

You've heard the stories. Teams in competitive athletics have forgotten the basics. .

Sportsmanship, discipline and sacrifice have given way to a win at all
cost philosophy.

Well, don't agree entirely with that just yet. Jessica Severs, a Karns Sophomore is living proof.
"I have amazing encouraging coaches to push me to do better, without having that I'm going to kill you if you don't do it a certain way attitude."

Phoenix Rising calls itself a non profit volleyball academy or club if you will, based in Knoxville. It coaches players from 8 to 18.

Four years ago they began as "that touchy feely, make kids feel good about themselves place". But the thing is, it's working.
Kynett Williams, the Executive Director says, "the main thing that sets us a part is we're family first, so though we have competitive ball like some around the country, we do it in a family environment."

Payton Walker, a Senior at Hardin Valley High School agrees.
"They're not scream at you coaches, if you mess up, they'll tell you what you did wrong, and they'll help you fix it not mean about it."

The skills honed at the club are taken back to their respective high school.

Last year 7 out of 8 graduating seniors had offers to play in college. The Academy has attracted so much attention, they come from Crossville to the west, to the Tri-Cities to the East, all to play for the Academy.
Kynett added, "We worry about getting their grades up, we worry about if they're having problems in school we worry if they're having family issues, so all these things, we found out if you take a minute to hear what they're saying, you'll find out you can help them through a whole lot of things and they're happy kids."

Proving that some lessons go far beyond the game itself in molding character and integrity that will far outlast a victory or defeat.

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