Redneck Resort opens in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, Tenn. - While it may not be what you typically think of when the word "resort" comes to mind, the Redneck Resort in Sweetwater, TN certainly plays to a certain clientele.

The resort is more of a park, filled with giant mud puddles and obstacles for off-road vehicles. It's great for those who love the challenge, so says Redneck Resort mud girl Chloe Darragh, "We got mud, we got dirt. We've got everything. 4-wheelers, ATVs. People having a good ole time."

And people certainly do seem to be enjoying themselves. Jason Griffith has loved his time so far in the park, "It's big fun, it's big fun. It's a little hot, but big fun. We all just dig these big trucks. That's what it's all about. I seen it on the Internet so I had to come check it out."

The venue stands out as a unique opportunity for adventure tourism. Co-Owner Joleen Darragh says the park offers something that no other facility does, "There's really no place to have a social gathering like this and have fun with all those vehicles. We know people around here love to do that kind of thing so we wanted to provide a venue for that to happen."

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