SEC: Vols' last play in Vandy win should not have been overturned

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The SEC has said that its officials made the incorrect ruling in the last play of Tennessee's 27-21 overtime win Saturday night against Vanderbilt

Steve Shaw, SEC Coordinator of Officials, issued this statement involving the play that was ultimately ruled a 90 yard interception for a touchdown by Vol defensive back Eric Gordon:

"On the last play of the Vanderbilt-Tennessee game, in overtime, the Tennessee defender intercepted the pass, his knee did not touch the ground and he returned the interception for a touchdown. During the play, the head linesman incorrectly ruled that the Tennessee player's knee was down when he intercepted the pass by blowing his whistle and giving the dead ball signal. The play was reviewed as if there was no whistle on the field and as a result, overturned the incorrect ruling. By rule, if there was a whistle blown, the play is not reviewable."

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