Franklin: UT's celebration will remain open wound

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Vanderbilt's James Franklin says he won't soon forget the Commodores' loss to Tennessee.

The coach says the way the Vols celebrated their overtime win -- which included coach Derek Dooley boasting how the Vols always beat Vanderbilt -- will be a wound he leaves open until next year.

Franklin said Monday he knows his Commodores hurt themselves with four turnovers and penalties in the 27-21 loss. Officials added to the pain with an overtime review of Eric Gordon's interception return for a touchdown that the Southeastern Conference admitted two hours later was incorrectly ruled.

Tennessee should have gone on offense instead.

During his weekly news conference Monday afternoon, Derek Dooley said it was disappointing that video of the locker room celebration surfaced on the internet.

“That is kind of the world we live in. It’s like there is no sacred place, and I think probably all 120 coaches out there in football have a side to them where they loosen up with team that they don’t do in public," Dooley said to a room full of reporters.

"Am I excited after a win? I always am. After a win is emotional, and certainly when you win a close game that is down to the wire it’s exciting. You take those things for what they are. It’s a postgame, emotional, have a little fun, and you then you close the door on it when you leave.”

Dooley and the Vols visit Kentucky Saturday afternoon for a 12:21 kickoff (WVLT-TV).

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