Vols prepping for confident Georgia team

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (release) -- The Vols will debut their adidas Smokey Gray uniforms on Saturday, but its the players inside the gear that will be on the big stage against No. 6 Georgia on CBS.

Butch Jones knows the importance of the game for many reasons. "We have to play well and get a win no matter who we are playing," said Jones. "Obviously, Georgia is a big part of our recruiting area but that is just a small piece of it. Everything in recruiting is based off of relationships and all that, your players, you are selling your program, your coaches. I don't think is has that big of an influence."

Jones is impressed with Georgia's overall balance in all areas. He knows they will provided yet another stiff challenge for the Vols.

"They have great players," said the coach, who faced Georgia in 2008 while coaching at Central Michigan. "They are very well-coached. They know what they are doing. They do a great job of creating one on one match-ups with their skill. Murray is as good as a quarterback as we have seen. He manages their offense.

"They are playing with great confidence. You have the great running back stable that they have. They have a veteran physical offensive line and great speed on the perimeter. They play to the strengths of their football team. It is going to be a great challenge. That is what makes them hard. The other thing is they manage the downs. They are not in predictable situations; they are always in third-and-three or third-and-four, where it is a run or pass situations."

Jones isn't along in being impressed with Georgia's hot start. Redshirt sophomore and leader of the defensive backfield Brian Randolph knows Tennessee is in for a test this weekend.

"They're very good, it's one of the best offenses I've ever seen," said Randolph. "It's going to be a good challenge for us.

"They can run the ball and make you crowd the box. Then once you do that, they can throw it over your head. We have to be prepared for both."

For the Bulldogs, it all starts with the Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week, quarterback Aaron Murray.

"He doesn't make mistakes," said Randolph. "He's very accurate with his passes; he's smart and can also run a little bit. He's an all-around good quarterback."


The goal for the Tennessee defense this week against Georgia?

Play as one.

The team has been learning to do so each and every week, beginning with spring ball and has seen drastic improvements including a game-ending goal line stand last weekend against South Alabama.

"It started today in practice," said A.J. Johnson. We are playing as one team, that is the big goal. The goal for the week is to play as one unit and one team."

The core of the defense, the linebackers, have already come together as a team. It is the off the field bonding that has solidified the on-field connection.

"We've became really close," said the newest Tennessee linebacker Brent Brewer. "We go to go eat lunch, AJ, Curt [Maggitt], Dontavis [Sapp], and myself. We just hang out after practice and after games, we watch film and do different things together so we've become real close."

Sapp echoed Brewer's sentiments. The brotherhood of the defense is another incentive to play hard on Saturday's.

"All of my motivation is right here in this complex, my teammates, and my coaches," said Sapp. "I have to go out here and play."

Another motivation for the defense is in defensive coordinator John Jancek and defensive backs coach Willie Martinez, who formerly donned the red and black.

"They haven't mentioned it, but I can tell they want this game," said Brian Randolph. "They want every game, but they're intense this week. They know we have to go out there and get a win."

"We are one Tennessee," said Sapp. "When you come here and put that "T" on, it means that you are here, and you are a part of this family. We don't worry about where you came from, or where you will be going next."

Both Brewer and Sapp have enjoyed Jancek at the helm of the defense.

"I feel like the passion is there," said Brewer. "He wants the best for us; he doesn't play games with us. He tells us the truth and will be straight forward with us. We love him to death, and we love all of our coaches."

"He has that fire," continued Sapp. "He won't take anything mediocre. He wants everything to be great and perfect. He wants everybody fixed to be on point. He is not going to take anything mediocre or anything less than that."

The defense is looking forward to the challenge of playing No. 6 Georgia and are ready to go.

"We're looking forward to it a lot," said Randolph. "We get to see where we're at going against such a good offense. We're just going to do what we're coached to do."


With a new system, new quarterback and many new wide receivers on the Tennessee team, developing chemistry has been a process.

The Vols have improved in strides over the last few weeks, something that was evident in the second half of the Florida game and against South Alabama on Saturday.

Jason Croom, who practiced much of last season as a tight end is still getting used to being a college wide receiver.

"Just gaining the trust of my quarterback is what I'm really out there doing," said Croom. "So he can have the confidence in me that I'm going to make the play for him."

"We are just doing little things off the field like watching film together, going out to eat, all that stuff adds up," continued Croom. "It's just gaining the trust of your quarterback that you're going to have his back just like we're going to have his."

Worley has worked hard at developing chemistry with a handful of new faces in this 2013 season.

"My chemistry is with all of the receivers is progressing," said Worley. "It it is just getting more familiar with each other."

With the chemistry almost there, and SEC season upon Team 117, it's time to execute.

"I think a lot of it comes down to execution and that consistency that I have talked about," said Worley. "Being consistent throughout the whole game."

"Each and every day we are trying to be as consistent as we can be, as locked in as we can be, we are working on the game plan perfecting our duties at each and every position," said Worley. "I still have to put the ball on the money when the opportunity is presented."


Last season the Tennessee offensive line allowed just eight sacks, the fewest amount in the SEC and third-fewest in the country. Through five games in 2013, the Vols have only given up four sacks and currently sit in the top 20 nationally in the category.

Despite the success, senior tackle Ja'Wuan James isn't satisfied with the Vols' performance up front.

"We've been kind of mad," said James. "Those four were ones we wish we could take back. It's something we take pride in - protecting the quarterback and getting our running backs yards. We go out with a workmanlike mentality every day."

The Vols' front five enters this week's matchup against No. 6/6 Georgia with 143 combined starts, and James believes that chemistry is the difference maker.

"It definitely is," said James. "We've got a lot of guys with experience, a lot of guys that have played and have played together. It's been consistent so that's what happens. Chemistry is a great help."

After watching film, James and his teammates know what to expect in the trenches this weekend.

"They're very active, a bunch of young guys trying to prove themselves," said James. "Their front seven plays hard. The linebackers play hard. They're an active group."

Coach Jones also stressed the importance of pass protection this week.

"I think our running backs have really improved their pass protection skills," said Jones. "Coach (Robert) Gillespie has done a tremendous job of teaching the skills.

"We are going to be challenged again this week. They're a team that likes to bring a lot of pressure from all different areas internally and out on the perimeter, so we have to be locked in."


The Tennessee football team has had plenty of depth in the running back position so far this season. Marlin Lane, Tom Smith and Rajion Neal are three players that have seen time on the field and been successful when given the opportunity.

With Lane getting dinged up temporarily on Saturday, players were reminded that they must always be ready to play, and Neal realized that.

"We enter every week as everybody is playing, so--come in prepared, go out and practice hard," Neal said. "Nothing's really changed. Everything has been the same."

Throughout the years, Neal has been able to watch the development of the other running backs and is pleased to see the progression that has occurred.

"Tom [Smith] has really grown, definitely getting on special teams and running more, accepting the coaches," said Neal. "It's good seeing the growth from when he came in as a freshman."

Neal, who rushed for a career best 169 yards against South Alabama plans to continue leading his team and proving to Team 117 that he can be held accountable.

"I think the biggest compliment to any player is just having your teammates believe in you and you going out and proving that you are what you say you are, and I think that's something that I showed," said Neal. "I had a lot of help from my o-line and guys on the perimeter to help me do that. My biggest thing--I just want to show the guys y'all can depend on me, at times we can put a load on my back."


Jones updated the media on the status of the Vols top two backs as Marlin Lane missed the entire second half vs. South Alabama and Rajion Neal who was banged up.

"Marlin did not practice today," said Jones. "We will know a little bit more tomorrow as he progresses and it is going to be day-to-day.

"He spent all day in the training room. He was out at practice taking the mental repetitions that he will need. He was on the bike. So it will be how he progresses throughout the course of the night and into tomorrow."

There is no doubt as to whether Neal will play, according to him and Jones.

"I'm good," said Neal. "I was just a little tired after the game, nothing serious or anything like that, just a little tired."

Jones was succinct with his assessment of Neal: "He will be ready to go."

Also on the injury docket, Jones updated the Vols' pair of defensive backs who have yet to play this season due to ailments, Riyahd Jones and Michael F. Williams.

"They are progressing," said Jones. "I will know a little bit more at the end of the week. I liked a lot of the things that Riyahd did today. It is just the volume of repetitions that they are going to need to be game ready."


Here are sound bites from Coach Jones and the players after Tuesday's practice:


»(On defending the perimeter)

"We can't give up big plays. It is another game where we have to make Georgia earn everything that they get. You talk about big plays, that is lost leverage football plays, we know we are going to get challenged deep with some post routes and some double move routes and some vertical routes, we have to play disciplined football. It comes down to winning your one-on-one matchups."

»(On the importance of having the student body at the game Saturday)

"Immensely. It takes everyone. It takes all involved. We have a great football team coming in here, it is on national television, Smokey greys. Our student body has been outstanding but it is a chance to showcase our football program, our pageantry. I think we have the best fan base in the country and we get to showcase that on national television, a lot of recruits in the audience. So we need everyone. Not just for the Georgia game. We need it as we continue to build this football program.

"It is a chance for us to prove that Vol Nation is as strong and united as ever. We have talked about one Tennessee. It is going to take one Tennessee to win this football game. Our team playing complimentary football, our marching band, our student body, our great fans, our administration. Everybody coming together as one. But not just for this game but every game."

»(On Dontavis Sapp)

"I love everything about Dontavis Sapp. I have said it. He has been one of those individuals from day one that has been marked by constant improvement. He has been a leader, he is a voice of this football team, he has a great level of consistency in everything that he does. Not only is he playing well for us defensively but on special teams as well. I can't say enough of him."

»(On the pressure on Justin Worley)

"It is playing quarterback. I always say, 'Praise and blame, it is all the same.' It is part of the nature. You can't worry about that. We have a very passionate football fan base here and they want to win. Playing quarterback at the University of Tennessee comes with a very high standard of expectations and excellence behind it. He understands that. That is part of being the quarterback here and you can't worry about that stuff."


»(On looking forward to the challenge against Georgia's offense)

"It is a great challenge. It shows what this defense really is and how far we have come. It lets us know how we have to play against one of those top quarterbacks in the country."

»(On forcing turnovers)

"Turnovers are critical in every game. It is one of the big determinates of who wins or loses the game. Turnovers would be a great help to beat Georgia."

»(On difference in forcing turnovers compared to last year)

"We practice it every day. Coach Jones is always on us about turnover consciences and ball disruption. Since we practice it every day, it is like second nature to us."

»(On stopping Aaron Murray from scrambling)

"We have to keep him in the pocket and make him be a quarterback. We know he is a good quarterback. We just have to play our rush lanes like we are supposed to and play football."


»(On beating ranked opponents)

"It's nothing that we really think of. I think in our idle time, we do sit around and talk about things like that, but at the end of the day, we look at every team as a competitor that we can be really prepared and try and beat. For the seniors--we're hungry. Us not beating Florida, Georgia, so many SEC teams since we've been here, we're hungry to go out and get us a win."

»(On Georgia's defense)

"They have a lot of good athletes, a lot of good looking guys, and overall they're a good defense. I think as long as we stick to our game plan and really stay disciplined to what we really know how to do, we'll be fine."

»(On ankle issues)

"I'm good. It was just part of the ball, kind of just got banged up, but it's nothing. No injuries, I was fine. I was happy to come back out and play. It is what it is."


»(On what he's improving on)

"Learning the style of play that Coach Jones wants us to be at. Just learning to train a little bit more, I'm not where I'm supposed to be at yet, but I'm getting there gradually. I'm attacking the ball more with my hands and then I'm working on being the most physical receiver."

»(On if Justin Worley asserted himself as the QB)

"Yeah, Worley's a great quarterback. We've just got to help him out. Anything he does, that's on us. He's throwing to a spot and we're expected to be there."

»(On his confidence)

"Of course, I'm confident but at the same time I'm not complacent. I just want to get better. I want to have a better game than I had last game."


»(On getting turnovers)

"I think it's our energy and our effort on defense. We play with a lot of energy and effort. Everyone is trying to get to the ball and when you get to the ball good things happen."

»(On Aaron Murray)

"He can definitely hurt you with his legs. It doesn't jump out at you, but if you watch film you can tell he can run. He's an all-around good quarterback. He can throw the ball and also run. He makes a lot of smart plays so we have to watch out for him."

»(On stopping the big runs)

"We just have to swarm to the ball. It was hard to watch last year. I think we have to narrow down the run lanes and try to stop the run game as best we can."


»(On playing so many snaps)

"I really didn't realize it until they said it. Football is football and my body feels well enough to play all of those snaps. We are just recovering after the game. It is not bad. I don't know how many snaps I get, I just like playing."

»(On Brent Brewer and Dontavis Sapp)

"They stepped up a lot. They are a big part of the team. I can't see myself playing without them this season. They are out there making plays each game. Getting picks and pass break ups. I love playing with them. They are a big part of the team."

»(On Aaron Murray)

"He is one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He knows who to throw it to. He knows his reads and stuff like that. We just have to pick up our little coverage and pick up our drops. That is big, getting everybody body on body. He is going to make some good throws. We just have to be there to defend them."


»(On Georgia's defense)

"They are big and they are athletic. They run well and they move well. They start quite a few true freshmen and some sophomores so they are young but they don't play like they are young, they play like an experienced group and they fly around the football field."

»(On the difference between playing against a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 defense for quarterbacks)

"Not a whole lot. A lot of it is knowing when you are hot and the protections and knowing where the offensive line is going. That is the biggest change from a quarterbacks' standpoint You see a lot of the 4-3, the 3-4 isn't as common so it is just knowing where the offensive line is going to slide to, who they are picking up in different situations."

»(On the offensive line)

"They have seen every look that they are getting in the games week in and week out of practice. I think Coach Mo has done a great job of preparing them for what they are going to see and they take what he has given them and run with it. They have been able to transition from practice into the game very well. That has helped us drastically."


»(On Keith Marshall and Todd Gurley)

"They're really impressive backs. Good speed, quickness in the hole, and good vision. They can take it to the house anytime."

»(On forcing turnovers)

"We preach it in practice and scrimmages. Ripping the ball out and ball disruptions, that's a big difference."

»(On Corey Vereen and Jacques Smith in on third downs)

"I like it because they're both speed rushers; they can get to the ball and the quarterback. We as a defense just have to get our points on the quarterback so he won't break the pocket."


»(On Coach Jones' pointing out one of his plays as `63' effort)

"It makes me feel good because you are taking what he is teaching you and you are putting it on the field. You are giving them something to look at as an example. It actually shows that what he is talking about works. For the rest of the guys I hope they are looking at it and saying, `hey - we need to give more effort ourselves and maybe we can get a little bit better.'"

»(On the seniors being leaders)

"He stays on us all the time, especially the seniors. He tells us that this is our last year and we don't have any tomorrows. He is going to stress for us to be leaders on the team and he is going to stress to guys that aren't seniors who are leaders to take their leadership positions as well. Somebody has to lead the way. He says, `the speed of the leader is the speed of the pack.'"

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