Wear orange to support Pat Summitt

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- The page is called "Wear Orange to Support Pat Summitt" and it's one of the fastest growing pages on Facebook.

Kim Cantrell created the site on Wednesday as a way to get her friends and family to support Pat Summitt. But over the past day, the page has reached thousands across the world.

"We have people from the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Asia, and Germany. Plus, soldiers in Afghanistan will be wearing orange too. It's amazing that we've done this in such little time." said Kim.

The Facebook page has over 1,500 comments from people all over including some rival fans who are joining in on "Wear Orange Day".

Kim told us "Other colleges have jumped in and people have said that they aren't a Vols fan but they are a Pat Summitt fan."

Tracy from Alabama wrote on the Facebook wall, "We love you Pat! We will be wearing orange down here in Alabama country."

While Karen from Florida wrote "I'm a Gator at heart but will support this event."

All you have to do Friday is wear your orange! You can also take a picture and post it to our Facebook page or to "I wore orange to support Pat Summitt on 8/26."

Also, if you visit Petro's with an orange outfit then you can get a free orange tea.

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