Former Vols and current NFL players "supplement" income with XM3

Knoxville, (WVLT-TV), The NFL lockout has presented players with a unique option, time! Time to reflect, time perhaps to heal and time explore business ventures.

Montario Hardesty:"...for me I don't even want to sell, you know it's like something you can make money off of, I'm a true believer in the product and by using the product
you can help yourself make money, I think it's a win-win."

Zija is a natural herbal support derived from the Moringa plant. Those who use the plant swear by it's ability to provide basic nutrition and exceptional supplementation."

Derrick Furlow:"...we've been using it for a while now, we've got a stage to share with a lot of different people around here in Knoxville, in Cleveland, in Pittsburgh and other different places, but also these people have the opportunity to go into business with these professional athletes."

It's also providing a supplemental income to those who are currently locked out of another facet of their lives. It's up to these athletes to remain physically fit and they're not afraid to put their money where there well being rests."

Chris Scott:"...and it's not just me being an athlete, we live in a world right now where everybody is trying to be healthy and everybody's looking for different edges that's going to help them out, this is just another edge to help people out to get that energy to finish their workout."

Furlow:"'s been amazing to see the results, we've got a weight management line, it's all natural, the product, the Moringa tree is one of those sounds to good to be true type things until you start using it and you see it for yourself."

Staying busy by being involved in the business of herbal supplements is helping these former Vols score points, they feel, in a healthy and productive way."

Hardesty:"...I've been here for five years of my life before college so I came here to workout and rehab, but it's also a place where I know people in the community already and I feel like it's a community that needs to see things like this."

Scott:"...there are a lot of success stories out here and a lot of people giving feedback and a lot of qualified medical people are giving a lot of good feedback about it."

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