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indoor antennas, "rabbit ears", "loops", and "bow-ties"
may work in some circumstances, they are very unreliable when the signals you
are trying to receive are from multiple directions or distances. "Rabbit
ears" are generally for VHF reception while "loops" or "bow-ties"
are sold for UHF. For best results, locate the indoor antenna near a window,
away from electrical sources. You will need to experiment to find the best orientation
and placement to adjust for maximum signal pick-up and elimination of ghosts
or multiple images. It can take a considerable amount of manipulation to optimize
for best reception.

All indoor antennas can be adversely
affected by the walls of the building, inadequate height and movement of people
in the room. You may have noticed that the picture can change when someone walks
through the room, or a truck drives by outside. If you are disappointed with
the performance of an indoor antenna, it does not mean that you are outside
the signal range of the station. To clear up your reception problems, it may
be necessary to install an outdoor antenna with greater sensitivity.

The so-called "top of the
line" indoor antennas are advertised as combination VHF/UHF with some type
of switch to get the best picture. As a class, this type of antenna is usually
not good for UHF signals more than a few miles away which will affect the WVLT-DT
signal.The rod antenna or "monopole" or "whip" antenna is
used on many portable TV’s. Its VHF reception is generally OK. This type
of antenna often works best when the rod is telescoped in to its longest length


If you must use an indoor antenna for reception of digital signals, the two-bay
bow tie with a reflector screen is your best bet. Remember that outdoor antennas
are always better.

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