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Introduction to Plant Identification 1: The Path to Successful Gardening​

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UT Gardens, Knoxville, TN
This 8-week series will introduce you to the fundamentals of plant identification and then teach the identification and landscape use of over 120 important garden plants. Knowing the art and science of plant identification and plant nomenclature (names) makes any gardener (from novice all the way to hard core) more successful in their gardening endeavors. Individual plant knowledge is key to garden design and gardening success and this class will study annuals, perennials, bulbs, herbs, ornamental grasses, trees, and shrubs. Using the UT Gardens as our classroom, this fast-paced class will spend a lot of time in the Gardens studying plants and their use. This class is not a botany, taxonomy, morphology, or anatomy class but a fun, hands on plant identification gardening class. No-credit, ungraded review quizzes will be offered before and after each class to encourage memorization of plants studied. Whether you are a beginner, just moved to this area, or are an advanced gardener, this course is designed to help you become a better gardener!

Visit https://ag.tennessee.edu/utg/Pages/Sustainable-Gardening.aspx for more information.
Derrick Stowell, 865-974-7151