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Selling Your Home (Fiscal Fitness)

Event Dates and Times

Blount County Public Library, 508 N. Cusick St., Maryville, TN 37804
Monday, August 14, 6:30 p.m., “Fiscal Fitness: Selling Your Home,” presented by
LeConte Realty, LLC. The process of selling a home can seem overwhelming or even scary,
but it doesn’t have to be! This class will focus on the basic steps if you wish to sell your
home. For instance, who are the team members if you choose to use professional realtors?
How do you know what you owe on your mortgage? How do you set your sales price? What
are your responsibilities if you have had issues in the home? Are there special rules you must
follow that are part of your deed? How do you prepare your home for a potential buyer to see
it? Get practical guidance and advice about how to sell your home. This program will be in
Dorothy Herron Room A.
Joan VanSickle Sloan, Phone: (865) 982-0981