WATCH: From Bearden to Broadway

Shamicka was born and raised in Knoxville and went to school in Bearden. She followed her passion for the entertainment industry and, with hard work and dedication, she landed major roles, including the Broadway production of the musical Chicago.

WATCH: Bullet from gunfight in Lonsdale hits 15-year-old boy

In his first on-camera interview since the latest shooting in Lonsdale, Xavier Shell talked with Local 8 News about the moment leading up to the instant he was shot near his heart.

WATCH: Viper smashes into median in Turkey Creek

Regal Pinnacle at Turkey Creek hosted Regal's Cars and Coffee car show this weekend, but there's one car that's making all the headlines.

WATCH: Pigeon Forge firefighter saves family from burning home

Pigeon Forge Firefighter Charles Powers was on his way to work Friday when he noticed his neighbor's porch was on fire.

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Fan Appreciation Day

Fan Appreciation Day

Spring Game Wrap Up

Spring Game Wrap Up


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