Knoxville man helps restore vandalized Jewish cemeteries around America

Two worlds collided when Tarek El-Messidi vowed to sew together a piece of American fabric torn apart by vandals and anti-antisemitism.

Your Forecast - Chilly & clear for now

The cold nights and the mild days continue, with a gradual warm-up into the weekend. Another strong cold front will move in early next week.

CHILLY again tonight, but will this last into your weekend...

Chief Meteorologist David Aldrich has your forecast.

WATCH: Sevier Co. deputy fires gun at suspect before possible "cardiac event"

Two suspects were charged with aggravated assault after a Sevier County deputy was transported to the hospital following a Sevierville encounter.

WATCH: "Cuddle Therapy" for local seniors

Children give parents a sense of purpose, and although these babies are not real, they bring the people holding them back to a very real time.

Camper theft caught on camera

Camper theft caught on camera


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