Brawadis Net Worth in 2024, Bio, Lifestyle, Age, Career

brawadis Net Worth

Brawadis Net Worth: Mr. Brawadis is one of the most popular YouTube vloggers.As a vociferous and devoted supporter of the Phoenix Suns, he is well known among basketball fans and NBA fans alike. In addition to his wacky prank videos, he is well known.

Having made a career out of YouTube, he started uploading standard house tours and showcasing his extremely expensive cars, but he remains quite personable in the videos he takes with his sons. Never one to take himself too seriously, he is frequently pranked on his brother’s channel. He frequently features his parents and siblings, as well as close friends and acquaintances, on his YouTube channel.  we will discuss Brawadis net worth, Age, Lifestyle, Family, Career, and some unknown facts.


Originally from San Diego, California, Brandon Awadis was born on June 23, 1995. He grew up in a Christian home. Although his ethnicity is unknown.

The eldest child of Rafat Aziz Awadis and Sana Awadis, he grew up on the West Coast. Bryan, his younger brother, is a well-known YouTuber in his own right. He’s the creator of the FaZe Rug channel, which has 19 million subscribers, and he owns the eSports team FaZe Clan.

His birthday is a year earlier than Brandon’s, he was born on November 16, 2016.

Rafat and Sana Awadis both came from Iraq and got married in the United States.

Mama Rug and Papa Rug have their own YouTube channels, open to whatever their children choose to do for a living. Brandon holds a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and media studies

Personal Life

Awadis began communicating with a female online when he was 19 years old, in 2014.

A young lady named Jackie Figueroa was in question.

The two began dating later that year, but things weren’t always easy.

Following their highly publicized breakup (by Awadis and Figueroa) in September 2020, Brandon and Jackie prepared an over-the-top video of Brandon asking Jackie out again.

Jackie nervously asked Awadis to turn down the camera and explained that she was seeing someone else in the planned content.

Jackie was already hated by many of Brandon’s supporters, who called her a gold digger and subjected her to internet bullying. The video worsened the situation of the young aspiring influencer.

The majority of their fans viewed the video as clickbait and did not think for a second that the couple planned it that way for views, but some fans were still upset that Awadis was left out. In July 2024, the two were back on social media, sharing photos of themselves and trying to boost their profiles.

Figueroa launched her own Instagram account shortly after their “break-up,” which has about 900,000 followers.


When he was 20 years old, Brawadis began to work in this field. Vine had been around for a year when he made an account, but he never used it. In April 2015, he founded his YouTube channel.

YouTube became a huge sensation after he started a channel. In addition to pranks, he posts other films on his YouTube channel. Since posting his first response video to the Suns’ loss to the Golden State Warriors on April 3, 2015, it has been viewed over 102 thousand times.

Since then, he’s released a number of vlogs, pranks, reactions, and basketball videos.

Pranks like I’m Breaking Up with You Prank and Caught Her Cheating Prank are among his most popular uploads.

Brawadis Net Worth

Brawadis Net Worth is $4.5 million as of 2024. Brawadis’ YouTube channel has accumulated more than 5.6 million followers and 1.7 billion views since its inception in April 2015. Each day, he uploads 1-2 videos to his YouTube channel, which receives over 400,000 views per day. The videos could generate approximately $3,000 per day ($1.1 million per year) in advertising revenue.

Obtaining sponsorship arrangements enables Brawadis to supplement his income. Over the past few years, SeatGeek has recruited Brawadis to work for them. Aside from that, he also has a website on which he sells stuff.

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