Cricket Betting Glossary: Understanding Bookie’s Terms


This is one of the most widespread sports in the world. It is popular in India, Pakistan and other countries. Cricket is a British sport and the forerunner of baseball. The two sports have certain similarities. Betting on this sport is legal in all countries of the world where sports betting is legal. For those who have experience in betting on other sports, cricket is a bit more complicated than other games such as football or hockey.

It takes some time for a beginner to learn how to bet on cricket. It is played in three formats, and there are several ways to bet. To simplify the whole process for you, we have explained the basics of cricket betting below.

Rules of the game


The rules of the game are drawn up by two organizations: the club and the International Cricket Council, which is responsible for conducting test and one-day matches. Each format has a certain number of overs and innings per match. Each team has eleven people. Teams consist of a bowler who serves the ball, ten fielders and two batsmen. The line-up is not fixed: during the game they are kept, for example, in case of an injury on the field. Two referees who show markers judge the duel. They post a result or rule violation.

Types of Cricket Betting

You can bet on the winner of the match as in many other sports. According to the that is the most popular option. What is special about this mode is the length of the match. They can last for days, and the shortest ones last at least three hours. However, if you have previously studied the strength of the opponent and the circumstances in which the match takes place, you will profit. You can opt for individual payments or combination tickets. Sometimes the best option is betting on the club or national team that will win the title, because there are often excellent odds.

However, a lot of this happens on an individual level. This is why bookmakers give you plenty of options to predict the performance of individual players. For example, you can bet on the player who has the most runs scored (points). It is also popular to bet on players who exceed the set limit of expected performance on the field. Don’t forget that you can also guess who will be the player of the match.

Finally, there are bets on specific events. Like any sport, cricket is also subject to various events on the field. Take the opportunity to bet on each of these small battles within the game, because it is very interesting. You can even go so far as to predict who will flip the coin at the start of the match and the like. That’s not all. You have the option of betting on the run total, the best batsman or bowler, the total number of fours and sixes, or the method of dismissal.

Strategies for every type of cricket betting


For example, if you decide to bet on the winner of the match you should do thorough research on the teams. Remember that they can last a very long time, which means that the result is uncertain. However, you will have a much better chance if you do your homework well. What does it mean? This means that you should not only focus on the characteristics of the teams but also on the circumstances. Choose your payment method carefully.

If you are betting on the winner of the tournament, it is a long-term bet that you will most often find in a popular sports competition. When you want to predict the run total of individual players, you should know everything about them, but also about the weather conditions. Every team has its stars, if you are familiar with the national teams you will probably be able to single out the best class. In order to come up with the best strategy, you should also take into account who strikes first. It will have a big impact on the outcome of the game. The form is also important, as well as field conditions. Certain tracks are very slow or vice versa.

Betting on fours and sixes

Experienced bettors know that this term means the same thing as “home run” in baseball. This means that you have the ability to predict which of the players will be the most successful in certain segments of the game.

Ejection method

This term will be familiar to you even if you know nothing about cricket. It is the move with the bat that is most appreciated in this sport. The sportsman who uses this method is called a batsman and he defends the wicket with his bat. These are three sticks through which the ball must not pass. The interesting thing is that there are quite a few ways to defend, which is your betting opportunity. The amount of profit depends on how much you are willing to risk. For example, the odds are lower when you bet on a good defense.

Login to the betting website


Access is very simple and you have many options. All you need to do is find a reliable site with the best deals. That way you won’t have any problem with switching on. Then, deposit the money and you can start the fun. The best thing about online bookmakers is that you can watch and bet at the same time. The streaming offers are free and include a large number of matches around the world. You will also find free bonuses as well as many other promotions.


So, bookies follow some unwritten rules when it comes to this sport. Considering that mostly big money is invested in quotas, you should get as much information as possible before investing. One way to get more money is to bet on the best players, team score or individual player score and so on.

When you decide on more individual things, your chances increase. However, there are other factors that affect the outcome of a bet. These are time, running rate etc. This is why it is important to do as much research as possible about players and teams. Then, come up with strategic plans to achieve better prospects.