How Does AI Affect Poker?


Artificial intelligence (AI) is swiftly becoming one of the most preferred techniques for players to gain an advantage over opponents. More than a fifth of professional poker players are said to use ChatGPT to increase their odds of winning hands in online poker games. This trend is expected to grow in the coming years.

The advancement of games using AI has resulted in systems that can effectively predict how players will act and respond to specific events. This article will examine how AI is used and its impact on poker.

How Is AI Used in Poker?


AI has been playing a critical role in online casino operations. It has potential as a tool for poker players, allowing them to make better judgments and refine their approach to the game. It’s crucial to remember, though, that poker is primarily determined by chance and the mental capacity of the participants, so using AI to play won’t necessarily improve your odds.

The following are some of the roles that AI can play in poker:

  • Development of game tactics: Poker players who employ AI to create the best possible strategies will be able to make better-informed choices throughout the game.
  • Data assessment: AI can analyze essential data to identify the best tactics and forecast game results.
  • Probability evaluation: AI can determine the likelihood that a specific card combination will emerge on the table.
  • Action prediction: AI studies how opponents often play and make educated guesses about their subsequent actions.
  • Identifying the level of the opponent: AI evaluates the opponent’s level and playing style. This makes it easier for players to counteract their opponents’ strategies.

AI’s Impact on Poker

Artificial intelligence has also been employed in e-poker tournaments such as the 2024 World Series of Poker. Poker enthusiasts can follow the 2024 WSOP complete schedule according to Tight Poker.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can learn from previous tournament performance by studying betting trends and winning hands. This provides an advantage to those who play poker online by allowing them to anticipate their competitors’ moves in advance.

Regarding online poker games or tournaments, most websites that allow players to wager real cash have security protections and software in place to prevent this kind of AI. However, there is no damage done by utilizing this program to prepare for the game.

AI has already profoundly affected online poker to the point that AI-powered bots can compete with and sometimes even beat human professionals. Artificial intelligence assists online poker businesses in improving their user experience and safety. Online poker rooms can benefit from applying AI algorithms to identify cheating, fraud, and suspicious activities. As a result, gamers have less chance of having their money stolen in online scams.

Advantages of Using AI in Poker

The use of AI in poker has its advantages. They include:

  • Artificial intelligence helps in creating a realistic experience while gaming online.
  • AI increases players’ involvement and contentment.
  • It can assist in developing improved charts and models for poker players to examine and analyze.
  • Helps Casinos to imitate real-world situations and enhance the games by utilizing machine learning approaches and algorithms.

Disadvantages of Using AI in Poker

Despite Artificial intelligence providing many advantages to poker players, it has its fair share of disadvantages. Some of the notable drawbacks include:

  • Artificial intelligence may be exploited unlawfully by cyber criminals or other malicious individuals who could attempt to alter results or access confidential information stored on databases.
  • Improperly developed AI can cause a decline in player confidence because it makes gaming choices without being transparent or impartial.
  • It is always possible for an algorithm to malfunction or yield unexpected outcomes, which might result in detrimental effects on both the casinos and players.

What Is AI’s Potential in Poker?

Poker players now have access to modern software built with AI technology. Collecting and analyzing a significant amount of data allows one to make the most informed decision possible. Poker bots driven by artificial intelligence can now adapt to new situations and improve their game over time.

With the help of AI, computers can filter through enormous amounts of data in search of valuable patterns that will provide their users with a competitive edge. While using artificial intelligence in poker has tremendous potential, several obstacles must be addressed before it can be extensively accepted by amateur and seasoned players alike.

For instance, AI algorithms might not account for every aspect of a game, like luck, psychology, and other elements that can’t be precisely modeled or anticipated by computers solely.

Effects of Using AI in Poker


Although this artificial intelligence technology has many potential uses, it raises many moral and legal concerns. For example, using artificial intelligence (AI) in games like poker has been controversial due to concerns about its potential for manipulation and deception.

Concerns regarding how AI might change the nature of the game itself have been raised. For example, AI might encourage harsher play or even invent new methods that human players find difficult to adapt to.

We must examine the moral and legal consequences of deploying artificial intelligence in poker to find solutions. This involves considering not only the possible benefits of the technology but also how it might influence the integrity of the game and the quality of competition.

Suppose we want to ensure that every player, whether utilizing artificial intelligence or not, has an equal shot at victory. In that case, we need to consider how existing regulations can be modified or adapted.

It’s debatable whether or not using AI such as ChatGPT to your advantage constitutes cheating. Most gamers have not used AI to gain an advantage but rather to test new tactics (57%) or play out hypothetical situations (52%).

Poker experts have predicted that artificial intelligence machines will soon dominate the game, making human victory over them extremely unlikely. Playing against AI has already resulted in average losses of $1,025 for members of Generation Z and $758 for millennials.


AI integration into online poker will likely deepen in the future. More online poker rooms are spending money on research and development of artificial intelligence technologies and techniques.

AI’s application in online poker makes it simpler for players to cash in on their winnings while ensuring a secure playing environment. Using AI may be the solution if you want to boost your performance. As online poker’s popularity continues to rise, players of all skill levels will inevitably be required to use such tools.