The Importance Of Online Reviews In Reputation Management: Encouraging And Managing Customer Feedback


When a service or product is offered through digital channels, it is necessary to do it all professionally, but also to do your best so that the target group is satisfied with what is offered. Why?

That’s how people will learn about the existence of the brand, that is, how the mission, the offer, and the good word about the brand will spread. What was once marketing and promotion by word of mouth, today are reviews of sites and the Internet in general.

In the digital age, word-of-mouth has gone digital, migrating from hushed whispers around water coolers to boldly printed stars and scathing narratives on online review platforms. All of this is the result of marketing from the digital age, which is slowly changing the habits of each of us.

This digital tapestry of experience paints the portrait of your brand, a portrait that directly impacts your reputation and, ultimately, your success. It’s something that needs constant work, so to do your best, it’s great to learn more and work on the changes today.


Online reviews are no longer passive bystanders in the world of commerce! They are the chorus, both singing your praises and shouting warnings to potential customers. It is the path that every new buyer takes to reach a new better offer that will be useful to him, and for which he will also leave a review.

Ignoring this feedback is akin to silencing the audience at a critical play – not only will the silence be deafening, but your performance will remain stagnant. Thus, navigating the world of online reviews requires a delicate dance – encouraging positive feedback while gracefully managing the inevitable criticisms. Good steps bring great reviews, let’s see more about the topic to prepare you.

Positive words are easily attainable, although many think it is not


Positive reviews are not just cherry-on-top compliments. It’s the best thing a business can get, even when it’s in its infancy and hasn’t reached its peak. They are gold dust sprinkled over your online reputation, which appears due to the good service and dedication of the team. But how do you inspire customers to become star-studded critics? Um, we know you thought positive words were out of reach, but there is a way to get them. Let’s see how!

  1. Make easy access and several ways for people to comment on you and your services – Provide multiple platforms or fields in which your customers can post their opinions, praise, and even criticism (although criticism is small in cases where it is easy comment fields available).
    Select the for review option on the site, or via Google My Business. Simplify the process with short feedback forms or clickable star ratings, which will make it easier for them, but also for you as a company. Light and unobtrusive templates and fields are the most successful and often bring nice comments.
  2. Always show respect and commitment to the audience – It is best to respond to positive reviews promptly, expressing genuine gratitude, but it is also great to accept criticism that shows respect and how much the opinion of others means to you. It will additionally bring points and positive progress for you.
    This not only fosters connection but also showcases your responsiveness and value customer experience, and on the other hand it will open the door to success, which we are sure you are aiming for.
  3. Do more to get good reviews coming from consumers themselves – Every consumer remembers the experience they had with their seller or service provider, but it fades easily.
    That’s why it’s good to stimulate and give some subtle sign to consumers that they can tell you how satisfied and grateful they are. Consider offering small rewards or exclusive discounts for leaving reviews, it will bring an avalanche of nice words about you and your work.
  4. Ask for feedback yourself sometimes, the buyer sometimes wants it – Sometimes it’s good to ask for someone’s opinion, for feedback, and a comment, no matter what it is. This is how you show that you care about the customer’s opinion.
    This is how you show that you want to be better, and most of the time the comments and reviews will be positive precisely because the buyers will think that everything is fine and at the moment they will not feel the need to say that something is wrong, but that on the contrary, everything is the best (which is usually the case).

Don’t forget: Criticism is the path to positive comments for any business!


To be even better and have a lot of nice comments and reviews in the future, you have to read them a little and go past the reviews. However, running a business consists of positive as well as negative comments and criticisms that lead to new positive things. How to deal with it? We think we have a great proposal and solution!

– Learn and don’t pass by criticisms as if they don’t exist, because criticisms are the ones that bring new changes, new actions, and fresh activities. They bring a change that will then be rewarded with a great review!

– Ask for a meeting or contact with the critic, not to argue, but to learn. You learn best from criticism and bad reviews, especially when someone shows them to you through their presence and emotion. So call the person, ask some important questions, and expect answers that will lead you to good feedback in the future.

– Be professional, even though sometimes it is not the most beautiful and pleasant to read a criticism, knowing all the work and effort you go through, it is still a lesson that you need to learn. Professionally receive every comment of this type, learn from the mistake, accept it, and try to make the company and the team even better in what they provide.


Collecting reviews is the best way to know if you are doing well if you are progressing, regressing, or still going up. Good comments, directions for improvement, and comments for corrections – all this is for the good of the company, and the team and for new victories and successes in the future.