How to Incorporate Magnesium into Your Daily Skincare Routine


The benefits of magnesium are already known to most of us. We know it is good for our health, but did you know that it is also very good for your skin? Having a good complexion is a privilege, but for most of us, having flawless skin is a constant battle. In this regard, we should adapt our daily routine to our needs. And how to incorporate magnesium into our daily routine? There are a few solutions for that.

For a Healthy Complexion, Proper Care Is Important


You will hear from many dermatologists and cosmetologists that the key to healthy skin is proper care, avoiding exposure to sunlight without quality UV protection – as well as avoiding cigarettes and alcohol consumption, which are proven to accelerate aging. In this sense, the daily skincare routine is of great importance.

Of course, your daily routine will depend a lot on your skin type and the possible problems you’re facing. For many people, especially women, the most common problem they face is having dry skin. Today we use various cosmetics for treating such an issue – from moisturizing soaps to moisturizing facial creams, lotions, etc.

Many of these preparations are enriched with ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. One of the minerals that have a significant benefit for our health and the health of our skin – is magnesium.

Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is considered a key mineral for maintaining overall health – but also the beauty of your skin. When we talk about the benefits of this mineral for our general health, we know that it is used for the prevention and treatment of several different health conditions. It is a mineral that plays an important role in various body functions.

However, to maintain good general health and skin care, you need to have healthy life habits. That includes both nutrition and care. The good nutrients we eat may not always act in a targeted way to solve a particular problem – but they certainly have an impact on general health. On the other hand, products that contain nutrients such as magnesium can have a beneficial effect on our body and facial complexion.

According to, the combination of adequate care with cosmetic preparations with a healthy and balanced diet will give the best results. In this way, you will achieve good general health, but also a radiant appearance of the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Magnesium for Your Facial Complexion?


When you lack minerals, the levels of fatty acids on the skin’s surface and the levels of collagen, which keep your skin tight and hydrated, decrease. Your face will end up drier, uneven in tone, and prone to wrinkles. According to Slash and Scroll magnesium can protect your face from external damage, as it regulates cellular regeneration and renewal, increasing recovery when the skin is disturbed – and strengthening it when attacked.

For people with acne problems, the use of topical products can sometimes make things worse. By working on the cause of hormonal acne, magnesium could be a game changer for those suffering from such problems as it reduces the production of cortisol and can help reduce acne by stabilizing hormonal imbalances in the body.

How Exactly Can This Mineral Help Our Skin?

1. It reduces inflammation

Most people who suffer from dry skin and the problems caused by dry skin already know about the benefits of magnesium. Namely, dry skin causes flaking, itching, redness, and inflammatory processes. That is precisely where the most significant advantage of magnesium is. It stops possible infections, reduces inflammatory processes on your face or body, and alleviates symptoms such as itching, flaking, or redness.

2. It helps us relieve muscle spasms

Magnesium and products containing magnesium alleviate these common symptoms. Cramps often occur in people who train or stand on their feet for a long time. Although this is not a cosmetic problem, it indirectly affects the skin. Magnesium will have a dual effect here since it will relax our muscles – and restore the tone of the skin in the area where the cramp occurred.

That is why it is not surprising that today many people include magnesium preparations in their daily routine. Moreover, cosmetic oils containing this mineral are also used in physical therapy for massage and muscle relaxation.

3. Magnesium is a good protector of your skin

Daily use of magnesium-based products will make your skin not only more beautiful, healthier, and brighter – but it will also protect it from external influences and damage. How? Magnesium is good for cell regeneration and healing. It protects our skin from free radicals, helps the quick healing of wounds, and enables quick recovery.

Include Magnesium In Your Daily Care Routine


So, now that we know the benefits of magnesium, we should include it in our daily care routine. However, let’s not forget the story from the beginning – and that is nutrition. Include magnesium in your diet, as well as in the skin care products you use. This is actually doable and rather easy.

Make yourself an Mg bath

That is the easiest and also the most pleasant experience. Use magnesium-rich bathing salts. Such a bath will completely regenerate you. The skin will be soft and silky to the touch because it will absorb enough necessary magnesium during the bath.

Get magnesium-based face and body creams and oils

If you have not used magnesium-based cosmetics before, it is recommended that you try one of the body products before applying it to your face. Today, more cosmetic brands include this component in their products, which are additionally enriched with other components such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, almond oil, and other ingredients that nourish our skin and make it more elastic, shiny, and healthy.


Today, we know minerals like magnesium have multiple impacts on our health. We can even say that they work equally well both externally and internally. However, in recent years, the tendency to use this mineral in cosmetics is increasing – primarily due to its good absorption and simple application. If you haven’t tried any magnesium facial or body care products – then now is the right time.