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Jack Owoc net worth

Jack Owoc Net Worth: Originally from the United States, Jack Owoc is a successful business executive. He founded an energy drink company, Bang Energy. A consumables industry veteran with a track record of success, Owoc leads the company. He specializes in negotiations, company strategy, operations management, and consumer and coaching goods. We will discuss the total net worth of Jack Owoc his salaries, income, earnings, career, biography, luxury lifestyle.

Jack Owoc Biography

Jack Owoc was born in 1961 in the United States and is a well-known business executive. A business executive who served as the chief executive officer of Bang Energy, an energy drinks company. As founder of Bang Energy’s parent company Vital Pharmaceuticals early in the 1990s, he held over 20 patents and 450 trademarks. According to astrology, Jack Owoc possesses the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Jack resided in Florida and married Meg. At this time, no information is available about Jack’s family. However, he holds American citizenship and is of white ethnicity. The bachelor’s degree he received from Florida Atlantic University was in business administration. Jack is six feet tall and weighs approximately 85 kilograms. With almost 6k followers on Twitter and 1.1 million followers on Instagram, he’s a popular figure.


In 1993, he founded his beverage company Vital pharmaceutical, having studied business administration. The company produces performance drinks and sports supplements under the VPX brand. A low-sugar carbonated energy drink called Bang was introduced in 2011. Freshly flavored energy drinks quickly rose to the top five most popular items in the United States. With each passing day, the brand’s popularity grew, and it ranked as the fourth best-selling product. By then, the company generated a stunning $1 million revenue annually.

Three years later, the company released Redline, Noo Fuzion, and Meltdown, three caffeine-free flavored beverages made with alanine instead of caffeine

Gradually, his company grew to the point where it sold the most things, and he won the open market product sales battle. He took the opportunity and launched additional products, including Bang ThermIQ, a liquid dietary supplement that acts as a fat burner, and Bang MIXX Hard Seltzer, a non-caffeinated alcoholic beverage. His goods rapidly gained in popularity, increasing his and his organization’s value.

In Arizona and Phoenix, his beverage company built a manufacturing facility. After signing contracts with well-known brands, he was able to earn millions of dollars in a short period of time.

PepsiCo signed an exclusive distribution agreement with its beverage startup Vital Pharmaceuticals VPX on April 3, 2020. It is a three-year contract. During the above years, the companies will be responsible for jointly distributing, manufacturing, and marketing their products.

In the United States, Bang is the third most popular energy drink after Red Bull and Monster. With Bang Energy, his beverage company made millions and his wealth skyrocketed.

Owoc maintains a high level of status as a successful entrepreneur. He is at the top of the list of self-made millionaires due to his outstanding professionalism.

Jack Owoc Net Worth & Career

Jack Owoc Net Worth is $124 million as of 2024. Corporate leadership was one of Jack’s major sources of income. VPX’s famous carbonated energy drink Bang is the third most popular energy drink in the United States, after Monster and Red Bull. Currently, he earns $10 million as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Besides being a skilled businessperson, Jack has also taught in a number of different settings. The lectures he gives contribute significantly to his ever-increasing net worth, as he is well compensated for them. His lectures have earned him $.0.5 million to date.

He generates a large portion of his revenue through his managerial ties with several brands. Operational manager and business strategist, he has worked with well-known companies such as Arizona and Phoenix. His experience and expertise have earned him high salaries. He earns $2 million a year, according to reports. This is another valuable addition to his fortune.

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Facts About Jack Owoc

  • One of Donald Trump’s supporters is Jack Owoc.
  • In the re-election campaign of Trump, he contributed about $3 million.
  • Jack’s company donated $5 million to the America First Action Network during Trump’s presidency.
  • He has committed to investing $52 million in manufacturing and distribution facilities in Arizona and Phoenix.
  • His wife is an executive in the marketing department at Bang Energy, overseeing a staff of 70 marketing specialists.
  • A property worth $7.7 million was recently gifted to his wife by her husband.
  • The manufacturing and distribution facilities of his company, Vital Pharmaceuticals VPX, have been expanded to 846,677 square feet


Who is jack owoc?

Jack Owoc is a successful business executive. He founded an energy drink company, Bang Energy.

How Much is Jack Owoc Net Worth?

Jack Owoc Net Worth is $124 million as of 2024.