Main Stages of Marijuana Growth & How to Care For It?


Until the seed comes into contact with water and light, it remains dormant. It can be stored in dark, cool places. A refrigerator may be suitable for this, but only if the temperature in it is not low enough, otherwise the seeds may be damaged.

In the cannabis plant, female and male reproductive organs are located in different individuals. It is female individuals that produce cones that are collected for smoking or other ways of using cannabis. At, experts recommend removing male individuals and germs (dual-sex) so that they do not interfere with the growth of females. If this is not done, they begin to pollinate, which leads to a loss of quality and quantity of the crop.

How long does cannabis grow?


The growing period for cannabis can last from 4 to 8 months, depending on a number of factors. Cannabis grows faster indoors and can flower in just a few weeks. This is because control over environmental conditions – temperature, humidity, air filtration, lighting – is entirely the responsibility of the grower, who creates the marijuana grow system.

The stages of marijuana growth

Knowledge of the stages of growth and development of the cannabis plant helps to know how to grow marijuana effectively at each of these stages.

These stages are:

  • Germinating;
  • Seedling;
  • Vegetative;
  • Pre-flowering;
  • Flowering.

1. Germination


Duration: 1-7 days

Successful germination will take place only if the seeds are ready to grow. In this case they have brown colour, shiny, and hard to the touch. Underdeveloped seeds are soft and have a white or greenish tint.

In order for the seeds to germinate, they must be stored in a damp, dark place. It can be the container of water or wet towel, which is better to put in a closet.

This stage ends when you see the white tap root appear in the open seed. Then it needs to be placed in another space – soil or hydroponic material in a tiny pot. At this stage, the root develops and two oval leaves appear – cotyledons.

2. Seedling stage

Duration: 2-3 weeks

At this stage the cannabis should receive 18-24 hours of sunlight and moderate humidity. It is important not to get carried away with watering, since the plant’s root system is still small. It is also worth taking care that the plant is clean and does not pick up a disease or mold.

At this stage, characteristic cannabis leaves also appear – a fan consisting of 3 to 13 parts, but more often 5-7. At the seedling stage, only one cannabis finger appears, the rest grow later. The leaves of healthy seedlings should be bright green.

3. Vegetative stage


Duration: 2-8 weeks

The plant’s vegetative growth begins exactly when it produces the standard 5-7 leaves. At this stage, it is transferred to a large container and allowed to grow vigorously. Vegetative growth is the development of the stem, the production of new leaves, and the making of the root system ready for flowering.

At this stage, the plant begins to feed. It is also important to increase the water supply of cannabis, as intensive growth of the vegetative parts needs it. It is also important to pay attention to the flow of moist air and the supply of nutrients rich in nitrogen and potassium to the plant. It is important to ensure that there is enough space in the soil for good grass growth.

One of the important factors is lighting since plant growth is directly dependent on the rate of light conversion during photosynthesis. If the plant grows indoors, it must be provided with light for at least 18 hours a day. You should not turn on the light around the clock, because the plants need a break.

Which grow lights for marijuana are the most effective? These are the HID lamps, which are easy to use and have a lot of power. When using them, you do not need to constantly adjust the light or change the distance of the lamp from the plant.

4. Pre-flowering stage

Duration: 7-14 days

The so-called pre-flower at the nodes of the plant indicates the beginning of a new stage of cannabis maturation. At this stage, the sex of the plant can be determined.

The female is two pistils that grow on buds. The pistils contain the reproductive parts of the flower.

The male has small green pollen sacs on the nodes. When these sacs burst, the male can fertilize the female, while reducing the psychoactivity of the trichomes. Therefore, male and intersex plants should be removed as soon as they are discovered.

The place of flowering on the female plant is called cola. In this place, flowers grow densely. Usually, the plant has one large cola in the center and several small ones on the surface. At this stage, it is important to prune in order to increase the number of large stakes.

5. Flowering stage


Duration: 6-8 weeks

The flowering stage begins when the plants receive no more than 12 hours of light and, accordingly, the same amount of darkness. At this stage, it is important for flowers to receive enough heat, moisture, and nutrients.

The constant temperature should be between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with humidity – 50%. Instead of nitrogen, which was used in the previous stages, the plant needs to be fed with potassium and phosphorus.

How to understand that the harvest is ready?

The plant is ripe and ready to harvest when the pistils on the cola buds turn from white to red-orange, and the trichome heads turn from transparent to milky or amber. An amber color indicates a high THC content in the resin.