Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible: The New Raid in Dragonflight Season 2

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Dragonflight Season 2 has brought with it a new raid for adventurers to conquer: Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible. This challenging raid will pit players against some of the toughest enemies yet seen in the world of Dragonflight and is sure to be a thrilling experience for those brave enough to take it on.

With an array of powerful monsters and mind-boggling puzzles, Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible is the ultimate test for any adventurer looking to prove their worth in Dragonflight Season 2.

The Basics

The new Raid in Dragonflight Season 2 is called Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible. This Raid pits a group of brave adventurers against the mysterious and powerful Aberrus, a powerful dragon whose name is derived from the ancient language of dragons. The Raid is available to players of all levels and offers a range of difficulty levels that allows everyone to get involved.

In order to enter the Raid, players will need to assemble a group of up to 25 players and travel to the Stormwind Harbor. Once there, they will be required to complete a series of challenges before entering the Raid. These challenges will test their skills and abilities in battle as well as their knowledge of the world of Dragonflight.

Once inside, players will face off against Aberrus, a dragon of immense power and legendary ferocity. Players must work together to defeat him and reap the rewards of victory, including unique items and loot, as well as experience. Players will also be able to gain achievements for their accomplishments.

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The Encounter

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The Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible raid is an intense challenge for any group of adventurers in Dragonflight Season 2. Players will have to face a powerful Dragon, summoned from the depths of the Netherworld by the mysterious witch Aberrus.

It will take great skill and coordination to take down this mighty creature. The raid requires a minimum of 8 players and can be scaled up for larger groups. It has 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Heroic.

In order to defeat Aberrus and its allies, players will have to make use of all their abilities, while also learning the strategies that they will need to complete the raid. Every player will be tested to their limits as they battle their way through the dark forces of the Netherworld. Once they finally manage to bring down Aberrus, they will be rewarded with rare loot and powerful artifacts.

It’s time to gather your friends and prove your worth in Dragonflight Season 2’s most challenging raid yet: Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible!

The Rewards

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Completing the raid in Dragonflight Season 2 offers a plethora of rewards for adventurers brave enough to take on Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible. Some of the rewards that await you are gold, mounts, rare items, and titles.

The gold reward varies based on your level, but can range from 10-20 gold per boss defeated. In addition, each boss drops an item that can be sold for even more gold.

The mounts rewarded for successfully completing the raid are some of the most majestic beasts ever seen in Dragonflight. These mounts come with special abilities that allow you to traverse the world faster than before.

The rare items include weapons, armor, and trinkets with unique properties that are exclusive to those who complete the raid. Furthermore, if you manage to get all the pieces of a certain set, you will receive a bonus effect that adds to your character’s abilities.

Finally, successful completion of the raid is rewarded with special titles that can be displayed next to your name in-game. These titles not only show off your accomplishments, but also grant you access to exclusive chat channels and other events.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Raid’s Release:

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The week of May 8, 2024, the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic levels will be available.

Cross-faction will become accessible right away.The top 200 guilds on both the Horde and Alliance sides will now be included in the Mythic Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Hall of Fame.

LFR Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Release:

Following are the releases of LFR Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible comes in the 10.1 patch;

  • Week of 8 May: LFR Wing 1: The Discarded Works (Kazzara, the Hellforged, The Forgotten Experiment, The Amalgamation Chamber).
  • Week of May 22 – LFR Wing 2: Fury of Giants (Assault of the Zaqali, Rashok the Elder, The Vigilant Stewart, Zskarn).
  • Week of June 5 – LFR Wing 3: Neltharion’s Shadow (Magmorax, Echo of Neltharion)
  • Week of June 19 – Raid Finder Wing 4: Edge of the Void (Scalecommander Sarkareth)

9 Bosses With Their Abilities and Loot Types

Moreover, the bosses that you will face are given below;


Many Shadowflame infusions were attempted before Deathwing. Kazzara alone survived. She now guards the Shadowed Crucible, maddened by her elementium plates’ agonizing anguish. The abilities of this Kazzara are given as follows:

  • Tanks
  • Damage Dealer
  • Healers
  • Molten Scar
  • Rays of Anguish
  • Infernal Fusion
  • Wings of Extinction
  • Terror Claws
  • Hellbeam
  • Hellsteal Carnage


Boss’s health drops below 70%, 50%, or 30%. Players marked by the Dread Rifts should keep away from each other during these phases to prevent being damaged by the Hellsteel Fragment and Revenant’s Blood puddles that appear on the ground.

When the boss reaches 100 health, you should follow the path of the Hellbeam spell to heal any players who were hit by the Rays of Anguish. Tanks should follow Terror Claws and swap out as needed; avoid the knockback thrown from Wings of Extinction to avoid DoT damage.

The Amalgamation Chamber

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Numerous elementals were wiped out in the making of Shadowflame. Only Moltannia and Krozgoth remain today as the strongest. These two formidable elementals, one of darkness and the other of fire combine their abilities to form a force capable of utter destruction.

  • Krozgix
  • Coalescing Void
  • Umbral Detonation
  • Shadow Spike
  • Corrupting Shadow
  • Shadows Convergence
  • Moltannia
  • Fiery Meteor
  • Molten Eruption
  • Swirling Flame
  • Flame Slash
  • Blazing Heat
  • Living Shadowflame
  • Gloom Conflagration
  • Blistering Twilight
  • Swirling Shadowflame
  • Engulfing Heat
  • Convergent Eruption
  • Crushing Vulnerability
  • Shadowflame Burst


In order to have room for movement on the Krozgoth side, attempt to position the Umbral Detonation spirals toward the side or back of the chamber.

Ranged players should stay put while Coalescing Void is being attacked, then rapidly flee the area (Warlock gates are recommended).

The raid’s damage will increase throughout the initial phase, so employ your own defensive/healing abilities.

Use teammates with immunity or soak the Fiery Meteor on the Moltannia side to shield the raid from needless damage.

Bite Swirling Flame away from your teammates’ lines of sight to the sides of the room.

At the start of the second phase, use BL.

When facing the boss away from the raid, tanks should keep an eye out for Shadowflame Burst frontal casts.

Melee players should soak Gloom Conflagration at this point and flee as swiftly as possible.

To place cuddles in secure locations while under Blistering Twilight, players should flee the attack.

Remember to absorb Convergent Eruption circles, and stay clear of the Orbs that will appear later.

The Forgotten Experiment

There were several setbacks along the way to the development of dracthyr. To spare the world from their violence, some of these early versions were left dormant because they were too volatile to be destroyed.

They now awaken in preparation for a challenge against Azeroth’s champions. This boss battle has three encounters. Neldris, Thadrion, Rionthus, in order. Single-target DPS builds are most effectively, however cleave damage is important: The abilities are given below;

  • Neldris
  • Thadrion
  • Rionthus


The group of raiders shouldn’t go near the tanks. Tanks should try to keep their Infused Strikes up as long as they can to stop the raid from taking damage.

During the battle with Neldris, try to stay away from the extra stacks of Rending Charge. During the Bellowing Roar spell, run away from the boss and avoid the clouds.

When the second fight starts (with Thadrion), use BL.

People with Unstable Essence should be able to stay alive until they have 6–8 stacks. After that, healers can get rid of Unstable Essence, and tanks should move the boss to the extra enemies so that all of them can be cleaved.

Healers should keep an eye out for Violent Eruption, while DPS should try to kill all adds before the boss casts this spell to reduce damage.

Avoid the circles that shoot one bullet.

Don’t forget about Unstable Essence during the fight with Rionthus, but be aware that there is no Violent Eruption at this point.

Pay attention to Temporal Anomaly when it shows up.

Disintegrate and Deep Breath paths should be avoided.

Assault on Zaqali

The abilities of Zaqali is given below:

Zaqali Wallclimber

Warlord Kangi


Obsidian Guard

Flamebound Huntsman

Magma Mystic

Rashok, the Elder

For millennia, Rashok, formerly a powerful Zaqali chieftain, was confined within these walls. The elder was maintained on the verge of death, driving him insane, while his molten blood was continuously sucked to power the crucible. Rashok has lost control as a result of the recent chaos and is now seeking revenge on anybody who gets in his way.