The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Holiday Home for 20 Guests: Tips & Tricks


Holiday hosting is a tradition in itself, with people inviting over family and friends for celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet, this tradition is ever-changing, incorporating modernity and newer trends every year.

One trend incorporated into such traditions is renting Holiday Homes for when your house cannot host a larger group. You can find various properties for rent, such as cottages for 20 guests UK outings, on this site.

However, even when renting a house for the holidays, you need a lot of preparations to make the home fit for such a large number of guests. From planning meals to planning entertainment, there is a lot to take care of, nothing short of hosting a two-day party.

Tips For Organizing A Holiday Home

The following tips and tricks can help organize your holiday home for a stress-free stay for your guests while being generous in your pocket and hard work:

1. Get Cleaning


Prepare the holiday home by cleaning it first. Make sure to dust every room and clean the kitchen, inviting guests to a well-kept home. Change any diffused bulbs, spruce up the garden and make it lively, stock up on essentials such as toilet rolls, and perform maintenance of all appliances such as the fridge, taps, and toilets.

Getting this done a day or two before your guests arrive will give you time to work on other aspects, such as planning the menu, games, and other entertainment. This also gives you a chance to get familiar with the home.

2. Test The Appliances

Once you have performed all cleaning, start testing the appliances, such as water heaters, ovens, televisions, and microwaves, ensuring they are working optimally.

This will save you from mishaps while preparing food or entertaining guests, costing you a lot of time and reputation.

3. Make Lists

Make a list of the guests you will host at your holiday home. This will help you organize their stay and meals. Also, start listing out the pantry items you will need.

You can also list the games and events you will conduct, referencing the items needed for them against the same.

If you are well-versed with technology, you can also use excel sheets to fill in each piece of data, such as the number of guests, number of portions, and dietary needs, keeping it as a reference for coming years, making your task easier.

4. Plan The Menu


Once you know the number of meals you have to prepare and your guests’ dietary preferences or restrictions, the next step is to plan your meals, as food is one of the biggest tasks to oversee when hosting guests.

Refrain from overloading yourself by going for over-the-top dishes. Instead, select uncomplicated dishes which are easy to make and loved by all. A great-tasting simple dish will work better than a complex dish that appeals to only some people’s palette.

Also, plan how to prepare the meals, giving yourself enough time to attend and enjoy with the guests. Making heavier appetizers is recommended so you can make a manageable batch for the main course. Multiple appetizers will also keep your guests busy for longer.

5. Stock Up Your Pantry

Once you know the meals you will prepare, make a list and plan a visit to the grocery store. Buy all the items you will need for the meals and a little extra. Also, ensure you stock your pantry with all the essentials if someone wishes to whip up something quick for themselves.

Also, buy all bathroom essentials, arrange fresh linen and towels for the guests, and have an online supplier ready with you in case you forget something.

6. Meal Prep

Prepping for your meals early on will take a load off your shoulders, giving you time to sit with your guests and entertain them. So prepare whatever basics you can beforehand and set them in the fridge.

Portion out everything, and do not be afraid to ask for help. You can also get a few items delivered if you do not have helping hands.

7. Set The Mood


Set up a playlist that will suit every mood, so you don’t have to waste time searching for good music once your guests are there. Also, ensure that your lighting, backdrops, and place match the mood you are trying to set with the music.

You can also light candles or put up fairy lights to make the place feel more warm, giving out a homely vibe that will help make your guests feel comfortable.

8. Keep It Simple

The key to enjoying a party is keeping it simple, or in other words, hosting a party that you like, instead of going for fancy themes which make the preparation harder for both you and the guests.

9. Set Up For Drinks


Remember to arrange drinks for your guests, be it alcohol or beverages. Stock up your pantry with tea, coffee, milk, and soft drinks. Also, buy alcohol according to your guests’ preferences. Ensure that these drinks go well with the menu you have planned for your guests.

10. Plan The Activities

Send your guests an itinerary with the different entertainment you have in store, so they come well-prepared. Also, host different activities in other parts of the home, so you have enough time to set up or clean each place without overlapping two events.

You can also set up self-serve stations if you have the place so that the burden of serving your guests is lightened. Finally, organize the dishes so that everything is easy to reach. This is especially recommended for drinks.

11. Decorate

Decorate the place as you would like, but keep it simple. Buy the supplies beforehand and ask your family to help spruce up the home while you take care of other things.


12. Enjoy

While preparing your holiday home, remember to enjoy the process. If you are stressed, you will not be able to spend time with guests, which can make them feel uneasy.

Moreover, hosting a party should mean that you get to spend some quality time with your loved ones.


Organizing a holiday home for hosting a party, even for up to 20 guests, doesn’t have to be a job to be outsourced if you plan and start preparing in time. With the right amount of zeal and the tips mentioned above and tricks, you can easily organize a party for your friends and family.