How the Choice of Payment Methods Impacts Security At Bookie

Payment Methods Impacts Security At Bookie

If you want to make bets online, making deposits with digital payment methods is a must. But did you know that different payment systems cater to different security methods?

Also, websites have their cybersecurity measures. For example, bookies that accept credit cards on allow you to use borrowed money, but sometimes they are less reliable. Meanwhile, betting platforms that allow official bank transfers are the most reliable but also very slow. See how different payment methods contribute to your security.

Types of Payment Methods at Online Betting Sites

Payment Methods at Online Betting Sites

When you register on an online betting site or an online casino, you’ll need to make a deposit. In the cashier section, you will see dozens of payment methods. In general, there are several groups available:

  • Bank cards: Visa, Mastercard
  • Digital wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, Tether, Ethereum, and so on

Also, you may find prepaid vouchers and even credit cards. Some platforms will offer you to pay via ATM with your cash.

A lot of users are afraid of these methods anyway. The USA survey showed that 41% of people who pay online prefer methods that use facial recognition or fingerprints to process payments. But is it really so important? Are there other ways of security? Discover it now.

Security Considerations for Different Payment Methods

Different financial systems use different cybersecurity measures and mechanisms to process and protect transactions. For example, digital wallets are considered the most reliable because they use tokenization that traditional banks don’t have. See how it works.



Cryptocurrency is considered one of the most safe and anonymous methods. There are several reasons. First, crypto uses a decentralized system, so it is invulnerable to centralized hacker attacks. Even if one wallet is attacked, others are safe.

Additionally, cryptocurrency works based on blockchain technology. It means that no higher authority controls it. Despite it may seem unreliable, such an approach ensures that no one can steal or commit fraud with crypto. Other advantages include fast processing and almost no fees.

Bank cards

Unlike a previous method, bank cards are directly regulated by the bank itself and by the government. Banks don’t use the best cybersecurity measures in 2024. That is why a lot of users prefer digital wallets that are developed by better specialists. But if some fraud is committed, or you have any issues with your payment, you can always address the bank and receive all the necessary support. It is a good payment method for those who don’t understand the financial system well. Using banks, you rest assured that you’re protected by the law. Other security measures of the bank card are a 3-digit code at the back of your card and the possibility of face recognition.

Also, if you take part in any self-excluding program, your payments with bank cards will be blocked. Meanwhile, other currencies and methods can still be used.



Wallets are now considered one of the safest payment methods. First, they allow you to set a reliable password. Sometimes it even contains several (up to 20) words. Also, you can set face recognition fingerprints or other security measures. As for inner security measures, most programs use AES-256 protocol. It is one of the most reliable ways of encryption in 2024.

Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid vouchers are a controversial method. The obvious advantage is that you send only a set sum to the betting site. You simply cannot send more because each voucher has its own value. At the same time, they are not regulated and don’t have good security measures adjusted to responsible gambling.

Vouchers are a good method for transferring small sums. Also, if you don’t feel sure about your behavior, the best idea is to use prepaid vouchers with small values

Other Tips for Security at Betting Sites


In addition to the payment method, there are other factors contributing to the security of the website. Use these steps to avoid scam and fraudulent websites:

  1. Choose only licensed and registered bookies. These platforms have official licenses from some countries, for example Curaçao, Malta, or the United Kingdom. It makes them follow the rules and protect your data as well as payments, which is discussed often in our tech articles.
  2. Choose anonymous registration if possible. Some websites allow you to create an account without entering your real data. If that’s possible, use it.
  3. Set the deposit limitations. A good betting site should allow you to set the deposit limitations. It means that you will be able to fund your profile with a certain sum and not more. This way, you protect yourself from irresponsible behavior. Also, you can be sure that money from your card won’t be transferred in case of some mistakes.

Finally, security also depends on you. Always follow the rules of responsible gaming and make pauses before betting sessions.