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Writers are people who make us go through all types of emotions, from despair to love, peace to war, challenges of life, and nonetheless life lessons. With so many types of writers out there, everyone has their own preference, some love to read fiction filled with romance, magic, lustful desires, or time travel. While many other readers love to read non-fiction, stories filled with logic, comprehension, research, etc. The amazing pieces of literature these writers compose are what the majority lives for, after all, no one can live life without indulging in the realm of this written art even once.

Among many well-known fictions and erotic writing writers, lies the name Silvia Caballol. Silvia is famous to be known as a satanic or sinister writer for the type of writing she has. Her name is something that always rings a bell in the heads of every Catholic in Spain for her eminently composed notorious suggestive novel called “Gabriel”s Hell of Lust” with satanic murmurs. Her other writings are based on erotica.

Silvia Caballol Biography

Age and Birthday

Silvia Caballol was born in 1983 in Suria, Spain, and is now 39 years old. Even though she is 39 years of age, she still looks quite young for her age. Though she is a known writer and has made headlines quite a lot of time, there is not much known of her parents. She has no designated Wikipedia under her name which might contain details about her. She is famous as a controversial writer who is seen as a Satanic person.


Since Silvia Caballol was born in Spain, she holds Spanish nationality. Silvia does have a little American look to herself though we cannot be completely sure of it. There is not much covered about her on the internet or news that can give details about her. Just as of the date, it is known that she holds Spanish nationality, any other country she has resided in is not known. We are searching for crucial information about this writer and will let you know when we find the authentic one about her.


Silvia Caballol has studied in the field of Psychology, she pursued this degree at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She also in her postgraduate dedicated herself to the studies of psychology. She has been said to have taken courses in Sexology, Anti-stress techniques, and Yoga, with some more which are still not known. Silvia is considered to be a passionate reader of romantic and erotic novels which lead her to publish her own.

Personal Life

Silvia Caballol, born in Suria, is a divorced mother of two, the genders of her kids are not known. She for a time lived in Morocco with her ex-partner before the divorce. When she got married is also not known yet. She moved to Barcelona after her divorce, it is not known if the children are living with her or not. It is said that she will live in Manresa with Xavier Novell.

Why she became so much famous on the internet is because of her relationship with the Spanish Catholic Bishop Xavier Novell. Xavier, age 52 years old, had strong religious beliefs and worked with homosexual people to return back to their true selves and abandon homosexuality. He is also known to be the youngest Bishop in Spain and Catholic Church history. Xavier also performed an exorcism. It was very unorthodox for a Bishop to court a writer like Silvia Caballol who writes totally against religious beliefs.

Social Media

Though Silvia was known among readers for her strong erotica and satanic-based novels. She made it to the headlines a lot more when she came into a relationship with Bishop Xavier Novell. She became all the more famous when Xavier resigned from his position as the Bishop of Solsona for “strictly personal reasons”. Though to this day reasons are not known as such, many believe it was because of Silvia Caballol.

To carry on his controversial relationship with the diabolic writer, he gave up his title. To this day Silvia Caballol is not said or to be found on Instagram. Her partner Xavier Novell is not to be found on Instagram. The couple is known to be far from social media sites. Though it is said that both Silvia and Xavier have made quite a lot of fortune from social media, the actual value is still not known.


She is famous for her unique taste in writing and is fond of strong and passionate romance. Her publishers say that her books are full of a whirlpool of strong emotions that take you on a rollercoaster ride of unrealistic realms of immortality, the unrefined struggle between good and evil, among the characters of God and Satan, Angels and Demons. Caballol believes that “the quality that most values ​​in people are creativity and critical capacity in the face of life and internalized dogmas”.

In her recent books, she is said to have indulged in the sects of psychology, sadism, the opposition between God and the Devil, moral values, and much more. Her work can be found on Amazon to be bought, and two of her books are also mentioned on Goodreads.


Who is Silvia Caballol?

By the BBC report, Silvia is said to be a psychologist, erotic novelist, and author. She is a Spanish woman who has written the books, “The trilogy Amnesia” and “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust”.

Is Silvia Caballol married to Xavier Novell?

Yes, the Spanish Bishop of Solsona Xavier Novell resigned from his title and married the satanic novelist Silvia Caballol. This match made the headlines because for the Catholic Church it was unorthodox to marry a woman of such sort. But love has no boundaries!

Who is Xavier Novell?

Xavier Novell is known to be the first youngest Bishop in Spain. He has worked as a “Gay Therapist” with the mission to heal people of homosexuality and was also an exorcist. Though now he has resigned from his title, quoted “Due to personal reasons”. Many believe that it was to be with his courtesan Silvia Caballol, who is famous as a satanic-erotica novelist.


Despite everything scandalized about Silvia Caballol, she made her mark. She even got divorced but did not lose hope, continued her work, and became famous for her writings. She, later on, found the love of her life in Xavier Novell and got married. Her life till yet is a story of pursuit and not back-off from her writing style.