7 Pieces of Paradise: Unforgettable Destinations for a Catamaran Vacation

7 Pieces of Paradise: Unforgettable Destinations for a Catamaran Vacation

Are you after mysterious coves, exceptional beaches, stunning islands and local cultural treasures you can only access from the water? And do you love the sun, the sea, relaxation and unforgettable vacations?

If yes, a catamaran voyage is an experience you need to have. As suggested by Boataround.com, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a catamaran Croatia, Seychelles, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Marseille or the Caribbean, a several days cruise holiday offers you the opportunity to:

  • Observe the landscapes on the horizon
  • Swim
  • Visit attractive islands and seaside towns
  • Play your favourite water sports and
  • Explore the underwater world, among other things.

So what unforgettable destinations can you plan for your next catamaran vacation? Let’s discover seven destinations you shouldn’t miss on your list.

Croatia and Its Stunning Islands

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If you’re after an exceptional catamaran voyage in Europe, capitalise on the excellent weather to conquer the coastline of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea. A Croatian catamaran vacation allows you to stay closer to some ancestral towns like Dubrovnik and Split. These ancestral cities are rich in an outstanding historical heritage.

Religious buildings and places, as well as ramparts, stand next to a crystal-clear sea that invites all visitors to freshen themselves and indulge in different water sports. Hvar is especially lively with its harbour cities full of restaurants, bars and stores.

On the other hand, Brac is impressive with its wooded hills, breathtaking beaches, and limestone cliffs. Mljet and its stunning sandy beaches of the Saplunara secluded bay is another outstanding Croatian island you can only access by a catamaran.

Martinique Caribbean

Martinique is situated in the Caribbean heart. It’s popular for its numerous treasures and generous climate. If you plan a catamaran vacation to Martinique, you’ll be able to capitalise on its splendid beaches and coastline with crystal-clear waters like those of Les Salines.

Also, you can approach other preserved sand stretches, such as the splendid Mabouyas Cove in Sainte-Luce. If you love snorkelling, the peninsula of Caravelle has everything you need, including turquoise water. Sainte-Anne, Fort-de-France, Le Diamant, and Anses d’Arlet towns offer beautiful stopovers.


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Turkey has several port cities worth a visit through a catamaran. As a visitor, you’ll enjoy your stay at the marinas as you take advantage of the amazing warm sandy beaches. You can witness the cultural festivals each year and see your vacation combined with Turkish culture.

A catamaran vacation will take you to picturesque beaches with silky-smooth sand you’ll love to play in. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to get close and personal with the Lycia Sunken City on a sea kayaking ride. The Turkish coast contains marine secrets you can only discover through a catamaran.


For those who love delicious Italian dishes and enjoy the Mediterranean’s quiet fishing villages, Italy, especially Sicily, is the place to be. In Sicily, Italy, you can find famous beaches and secluded anchorage. As a result of these outstanding features, Sicily, Italy, is one of the most popular cities for those looking for unforgettable catamaran vacations.

Another popular Italian destination for catamaran vacation enthusiasts is the port of Palermo. Apart from incredible architecture and city squares with decades of great history, Palermo is also popular for its delicious cuisine.


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There aren’t many unforgettable destinations that can match amazing Thailand. If you sail here in a catamaran, you’ll be sure to enjoy memorable landscapes, including:

  • Bright blue sea
  • Stunning palm trees
  • Mountain ranges and
  • Rich sandy beaches.

Also, the nightlife can offer catamaran trips, which is a bonus. In Phuket, you can enjoy secluded coves, bays, flora, and fauna. Another marine attraction Thailand offers is diving and snorkelling in its warm waters. A catamaran tour organised by a top-rated company can accommodate all these types of amenities.

Seychelles Islands

Another destination that’s truly an earthly paradise is the Seychelles Islands. Characterised by giant palm trees, granite rocks and shiny white beaches, Seychelles boasts about 110 islands. These islands make this destination an enormous pleasure for thousands of tourists to arrive each year.

With a good catamaran rental service provider, you can enjoy moving from one island to another when sailing. On top of that, cruising here on a catamaran is very cool, and almost all islands are low in elevation. It’s the perfect destination to capitalise on warm waters while you enjoy a special natural life.

Marseille, French Riviera

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If you want to enjoy a Mediterranean catamaran cruise, Marseille is the perfect starting point. After enjoying everything the city has to offer, the lively Old Port’s atmosphere, picturesque streets and museums, the catamaran tour starts, taking the Calanques National Park direction. This jewel of French native heritage is situated east of Marseille.

Port-Miou, En-Vau, Morgiou, Sormiou, the mere sight of limestone cliffs decorated by Mediterranean plants and sinking into the crystal-clear waters is a delight. Also, you can take advantage of the catamaran sail to stop in the colourful neighbouring towns and later join the Golden Islands and Var, other tiny terrestrial French Riviera paradise.

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