Who Is Yasmin Oweidah? Biography of Omar Borkan’s Ex-Wife

Yasmin Oweidah Biography

If you’re a fan of Omar Borkan and want to know more about his personal life, including his love life, you’re in the right place! We’re here to provide you with all the info about his private life and his ex-wife, Yasmin Oweidah!

Wanting to find out juicy details about your favorite celebrities is totally understandable. It’s no secret that they are often trying to keep their personal lives private and away from prying eyes. Paparazzi can only catch so much on camera, so you’re usually left to try and dig on your own.

However, finding these details can often prove difficult, no matter if you’re trying to find the info such as where your favorite celeb vacations, who they are married to or dating, or whether they are still friends with a certain person. That is why we’re here to lend a helping hand and do the research in your stead!

We gathered all the info about who Yasmin Owediah is, including her bio, net worth, and more! You won’t have to struggle and waste hours or days trying to dig by yourself—read our article and learn all there is to know in a few minutes!

Understanding Who Yasmin Oweidah and Omar Borkan Are

Omar Borkan and Yasmin Oweidah

Yasmin Oweidah is best known as Omar Borkan’s wife (now ex-wife). If you aren’t sure who he is, we’ll go over his background first.

Omar Borkan is an actor, model, and photographer from Iraq. He was born in Iraq but raised in Dubai where he went to school and later studied hotel management. Borkan became somewhat of a media sensation back in 2013.

He attended a certain event, a festival, in Riyadh, where he gathered a lot of attention from some female visitors that knew him from the modeling he’s done beforehand. They caused a bit of ruckus and, ultimately, the police reacted and asked Borkan to leave the festival.

The story that came out claimed that Borkan was asked to leave the festival and the country because he was ‘’too handsome’’, and such a story made him popular worldwide.

He gave countless interviews and appeared on a ton of magazine covers as the ‘’most handsome Arab and man in the world’’.

After the incident, Borkan started dating Yasmin Oweidah. In 2015, the two took the next step and decided to tie the knot. They were happy for a while but, eventually, the couple separated in 2018.

Yasmin Oweidah Bio, Net Worth, & More!

Info about Yasmin Oweidah

Now that you’re acquainted with both Yasmin and Omar, we’re going to cover all the details about her. Yasmin Oweidah wasn’t always as famous as she is today. She became popular due to her marriage to Omar and his influence back then.

Oweidah was born in Jordon, in 1992. She went to school in Pennsylvania, U.S., and she was always very passionate about fashion. Dreaming big and fantasizing about becoming a fashion designer led her to complete a Fashion Designing Course at ESMOD French fashion University in France.

Ever since she’s been focusing on becoming the best fashion designer and working hard towards success in her profession.

Yasmin Oweidah is a very beautiful woman as well, and she has fantastic features that caught the eye of many. She has a lot of fans and almost 200k followers on some of her social media accounts. Her fans can enjoy watching her daily posts and stories and get to know her a little bit better that way.

Yasmin often posts about fashion and the fans can see the clothes she designs regularly. She also often posts photos of her and Omar’s son, who is as lovely as these two are.

No wonder, considering that she is so beautiful, and her ex-husband is referred to as the most beautiful Arab in the world!

She started dating Omar Borkan, and the two had a lovely relationship when they decided to take the next step and get married.

They did so in 2015 and, on September 9th, 2016, Oweidah gave birth to their son after a year. Unfortunately, the couple decided to separate after a few years, so they got a divorce in 2018.

Although there aren’t many details and we can pretty much only speculate what led to the end of their marriage, the fact remains that they separated. Some fans were very sad when they heard the news, while others celebrated the fact that these two handsome people were available again.

As for Yasmin Oweidah’s net worth, it is estimated at approximately $1-2 million. There is also not a lot of info about her income, but the best we can gather is that the main source of her income is her profession—fashion design.

Other than that, she also makes a considerable amount of money by promoting products on social media and using her accounts to make more money. As a young, beautiful, and amazing mom, she is also a terrific businesswoman, so how can you not root for Yasmin Oweidah?


Oweidah Yasmin

Celebrities are usually set on not sharing a lot of info about their private lives, and for a good reason. They have thousands or even millions of fans who can use this info to try and find them to take pictures or they can misuse the info in a variety of ways.

Of course, most of the fans would not actually do that, but there were many occasions when such things happened. That is why most famous people nowadays choose not to disclose any info about their lives whatsoever.

With that being said, when it comes to info about celebs’ love lives, there is no harm in learning a thing or two, and fans typically want to know this but don’t know where to look.

Since finding info about celebrities’ love lives can often prove quite challenging, we saved you the hassle and provided you with all you need to know about Yasmin Oweidah and Omar Borkan’s love life, and more.

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