5 Places to Find Classic Car Parts And Accessories

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While owning a vehicle ceases to be a necessity for daily functioning, classic cars are the dream of every car enthusiast. However, due to their age, these vehicles are slowly disappearing, and end up neglected or in scrapyards which is an absolute shame.

We all wish our cars would last forever and not break down, but that is not the case. Even with regular service and care, there comes a time when certain parts need to be replaced. Not only this is a financial burden for owners, but some parts are extremely difficult to find, especially in classic cars.

For that reason, we made this article to explain where can you find parts for such exclusive cars. In addition, we’ll talk about everything you need to know and ensure you are getting the right part. Keep reading and find out more.

1. Online shops

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The number one tool we can use to help find the exact part we need is the internet. With lots of online shops, you can easily open up multiple tabs and parallelly look for the component. An Internet search can help you look for the item outside of your area which increases the chance of finding it.

When shopping online, be sure you are having the right number of the part since you cannot physically compare them. In addition, you have to be sure you are purchasing from established places, and ensure there is a possibility to return the item if it does not match.

2. Forums

Forums are another place you can visit online in order to find the part for your classic car. The communities are exceptionally big and everyone is eager to help you with your trouble. With that, the members can recommend places to look for the component and hopefully find it.

Also, there are dealers in these forums that might already have the part you need. All you will have to do is compare the codes and if it matches, they can ship it to you. Besides looking for components, forums can be used to ask whatever interests you and learn more about your vehicle.

3. Marketplaces

Another place you can look for the automobile component you need is the marketplaces, either on social media, or classified websites. There are many people selling parts, so there are big chances you can find the exact component you need.

In addition, you can find body components you may not currently need, but will be a great upgrade in the future. At last, you’ll be able to negotiate and purchase the part for only a fraction of what other places are offering.

4. Salvage yards

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Due to the age of the classic cars, many of them are currently located at your local salvage yards. That is the reason why you should go and visit one of these places and look for the specific automobile component you need.

Not only you can physically compare and observe the part, but they usually come at a great price which is important as well. However, visiting lots of yards can be time-consuming. That is why there are sites that hold a database of numerous salvage yards and their parts to make finding them easy, according to https://www.usedautopartslocator.com/.

5. Physical shops

There is plenty of physical shops specializing in the resale of spare classic car components. This can be a great solution if you want to visit and compare the part you have with the one they are offering. In addition, you can ask about the part’s history and understand whether is it worth it.

Most of the time, physical shops are partnered with mechanics, so you can get the part you’ve purchased installed which serves as a great deal. That way, the component can be tested, and you’ll be sure you have made a great purchase.

How to ensure the part is matching

You have to be sure that certain component fits in your current classic car. That is why we prepared a short list of things you need to know before you get to shopping.

1. Model and year of manufacturing of your vehicle

During the search, you must know the exact model and the year your vehicle was manufactured. Also, certain models come in different variants, so be sure to specify that as well. That way, you can filter the results and get quicker to the item you are looking for.

Having more knowledge about your classic car will help you understand whether parts from different brand fits your vehicle. That is how you can quickly resolve the problem and maintain the functionality of your classic.

2. VIN or chassis digits

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After refining your search, you have to get eighter your chassis or identification number of your vehicle. These are individual numbers for each vehicle which are extremely helpful during the part pursuit.

By providing this number to the salvage yard or the salesman, they will have all information about your classic and will tell you whether they have what you need.

3. Part Digits

Another way you can ensure you are getting the right component is by providing the code of the part that needs to be replaced. However, various manufacturers have different codes which might be difficult to compare them. But if you provide all previous information plus the code of the component, you will be a hundred percent sure the item matches your classic.

4. Consider a comparison between parts

Lastly, if you are shopping from a physical store or locally, either from a salvage yard or a marketplace, bring the part with you. That way, you can compare both components and see whether they are identical. If there are any differences, consider withholding the item and ask whether there is a return possibility in case the component does not fit properly.


Even though classic cars are becoming rarer, and so are their parts, there is still a way to locate and purchase replacement components. By using all these places to look for a specific item you need, you will surely have no trouble, and you’ll keep your classic in perfect condition.