Free! Season 4: Release Date: Everything you need to be aware of

When the Free season 3 ended the audience were eagerly looking forward for the details and plot of the Free season 4. The fans were eagerly expecting season 4 in 2020. However, due to the unexpected disturbances in the calendar, the production has been delayed. Since season 4 is delayed now, the fans are still eagerly waiting for the official news from the crew and the production committee.

Do they have many questions like how will season 4 go on? Who will be casting for season 4? What changes can we expect in season 4? The questions are endless. Thus, fans are paying attention to the official forum of the Free anime community.

The question is, when can we expect season 4 of Free to be broadcasted? Let us dig into the past and identify the answers to the above questions.


Giving a gist to the previous seasons, Haruka decides to enter the international competition. We know that the hero and his team are trying their best to win the championship in the Tokyo Olympics, so that we could expect the extension of the same plot. His long-time goal was to win the championship in the Olympics and bring glory to the nation.

However, international sports and games are canceled due to unexpected twists. This broke Haruka both mentally and pushed him to depression. Even though he was living in darkness, he never forgot his aim. At the time of the cancellation of the international games, Haruka and his team were mostly in the next round. Consequently, he was a bit upset about the same.

What exactly was the main concept or plot of Free?

The Free show is all about swimming, friendship, and bonding between four members. It depicts the true understanding between the team members and how they get through the obstacles on their way while reaching through season three.

The initial plot starts with two friends named Rin Matsuoka and Haruka. Also, they do have a companion called Nagisa. During the initial days of their elementary school, Mr. Rin goes to Australia for his further education. After a few years, Rin gets united with the other members. Therefore, the story mainly revolves around the three main characters, Rin, Nagisa, and Haruka. They also persuaded a talented track master named Rei, who gave up on his career for his reasons. However, with the motivation given by the three boys, he finally brings out his courage and participates in the relay match along with them.

Unfortunately, at the peak of the match, Mr. Rain fails to acquire the qualifying position for the relay team. Therefore the three other members are forced to make a decision that impacts them in many ways, and they are subjected to the consequences of their decisions.

The story turns interesting, and if you wish to view the Free season 4, do not miss this context and go through the previous three seasons. The Free is a show that depicts the warmth between the youth, how their decisions impact their lives, to learn what to leave and catch in one’s life. Other values are also perfectly depicted in this show. Naming them would break your interest but to find it interesting and feel the warmth between the characters, it would be better if you could take a moment and appreciate this masterpiece.

What about the cast for season 4?

The original protagonist is Mr. Haruka leads the swimming team club and enlightens the sports spirits among his team players. Therefore, he is likely to be the protagonist for this season too. On the other facet of the coin, we could see Nobunaga and Rei coming into the picture and playing the equal role of Haruka. So there might be a story that will revolve around them during the finals.

Since it is time for the finals, we might also be seeing Hirakawa returning to the base. He may give good competition to them. We must see whether he becomes a friend or a foe to these people.

Makoto trying to surpass his friend Haruka can give us some expectations for season 4. How things can change between them is what makes season 4 more interesting. Mr. Rim wishes to start a club for all the professional swimmers. To achieve this, he is likely to play a major role in season 4 and compete with Haruko for achievements in the International Games.

What is the expected date of Free season 4?

Since the ending of the Free season 3, the fans were eagerly continuing to wait for the official news from the crew side. However, since the pandemic times disturbed the entertainment industry and created several obstacles in shooting and scheduling works, we could not hear anything from the production side. Free is a popular show that caught the attention of many fans on and off Japan land.

The international fans are also raising their voices and are earnestly requesting the crew members to release the dates of season 4. Let us hope for the best and be patient. Keep an eye on the official forums of the Free show or check out our site frequently and update yourselves with the latest news about the Free broadcast date.

Overall review of Free Show

The Free is one of the best anime shows representing the brotherhood and the importance of the games in one’s life. The four swimmers strive hard to be a part of the Olympics and bring a proud moment for their nation. This show is the perfect visualization of the youth and their determination levels in working towards their goals. The overall comedy, dedication, motivation, and leadership qualities of each member show how they are trained and what made them turn into fine creatures.

Free! is worth watching, and it is recommendable for all ages. The youth can take this show as an inspiring show that can motivate them to achieve greater things in their lives.