Boarding School Juliet Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Confirmed


Boarding School Juliet is a Japanese manga series which is written and illustrated by Yosuke Kaneda. It has several adaptations such as serialization in popular magazines, novels, and anime series. Its anime series was directed by Seiki Takuno, Amazon got its license and its first episode was released on 6 October 2018. Ever since its first anime adaptation has been completed people are anxiously waiting for Boarding school Juliet season 2. Let’s see what the story is about and whether there will be season 2 or not.

Boarding School Juliet is a romantic comedy that tells the viewer that love knows no boundaries. The story is told through the characters Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia. They are head over heels in love with each other but to their misery, they cannot openly express their love for each other only because they are from rival parties.

Main Characters

Romio Inuzuka


He is one of the lead characters from Boarding School academy. Romio is attending the Dahlia Boarding school and comes from Touwa which is in east Japan. He is a high-Schooler and becomes the prefect of “Black Dogs” dormitories that represents the nation of Touwa. Romio Falls in love with Juliet ever since he came to the school.

Juliet Persia


Juliet is the lead character of the season, and she belongs to the “Principality of West”. Juliet is the head girl of “White Cats”, she is defined as a young teenage girl with beautiful features, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She has a confident and kind personality. Juliet falls in love with Romio after she sees his determination and sincere feelings toward her.

Season 1 Plot Summary

Boarding School Juliet is set in the fictional Dahlia Academy Boarding school. The academy has students from two rivaling countries called “Principality of West”, and “Nation of Touwa“. The aim of the school is to maintain friendly terms between the two countries by bringing together their youth. The students from rivaling countries are categorized under two dorms.

One is “Black Dogs” and the other is “White Cats”. There are many events that take place between the two rival groups to allow them to interact and maintain a friendly relationship between them. However, the students still despise each other from the rivaling groups. Romio Inuzuka is the first-year head of Black Dogs, whereas Juliet Persia is the first-year head of White Cats.

As the story is somewhat inspired by the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, hence the names come from there. Romio Inuzuka has had a deep love for Juliet ever since he landed in the boarding school. However, he cannot openly show his love because of their nationalities. He finally decides to confess his love to Juliet since they are grown-ups now.

Initially, the love is not reciprocated by Juliet, however, when Juliet sees Romio’s sincerity, she falls in love with him too. Their love grows stronger with time, but they must keep it hidden in order to survive. If they ever let their secret out, there will be a lot of trouble from their fellow students since they belong to enemy countries. However, Romio thinks that love knows no boundaries, and he shall stick to his emotions because rules can be arbitrary.

Will There Be Boarding School Juliet Season 2?


The season has gained so many fans that they want season 2 released sooner than later. We understand everyone’s impatience, but unfortunately, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding that. However, Boarding School Juliet season 2 will be released soon. There are other volumes of the same series present, which means there is still material left on which a new season can be made.

Boarding School Juliet might come out in the mid or end of 2024 because there had been a lot of rumors circulating on the internet about the new season being under production. People are already guessing the story and so are we. We might see many new characters and many other hidden love stories happening between the rivaling groups. We will see only when season 2 comes out on the screens.


What is Boarding School Juliet about?

Boarding School Juliet is a story from the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Seiki Takuno. The story features two main characters, Romio Inuzuka, and Juliet Persia. They belong to two rival groups called ”Black dogs”, and “white cats”. These groups are enrolled in Dahlia Academy boarding school. Although the characters head two rival groups, they fall in love with each other and want to bend the rules.

Why do Romio Inuzuka, and Juliet Persia need to hide their love story from the rest of the people?

Romeo Inuzuka and Juliet Persia are enrolled in Dahlia boarding academy, where they are the heads of two rival groups. Romio is the head of ” Black Dogs, and Juliet is the head of ” white cats”. Romio and Juliet are head over heels in love with each other and they are very sincere in their emotions. However, they cannot reveal their love story in front of others because the groups are rivals.

Is Boarding School Juliet season 2 coming??


Boarding school Juliet is loved by many people around the world. People are growing impatient for the second season and demand it sooner than later. There are many rumors on the internet regarding the second season and many people have also guessed the plot. However, there are no official announcements made by the producers to support all those rumors. Hence, there will be no season 2 of Boarding school Juliet.

The Bottom Line

When love grows deeper, it sees no rules, no boundaries, and no restrictions. The same is the case with Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia. They are leading two groups from two rival states in Dahlia Boarding academy. Their love is deep but they cannot reveal it in front of others because they need to survive. Boarding school Juliet is watched and loved by millions of people and they demand a second season. Will there be Boarding School Juliet season 2? Read above to know more.