The Breaker Season 3: Release Date, Trailer & Cast


The Korean comic book, The Breaker has won the hearts of many and I am one of its hardcore fans. I am writing this article to give you every detail about this manhwa. There are many questions hitting my mind like, when the manhwa 3 of the breaker is publishing? What will be the cast? Is there any trailer available? and I can say with surety you are also looking for the answers to these questions, right?

I will answer all the questions and will also discuss its story so that people who don’t know about the storyline of The Breaker and are wondering why this Manhwa (Korean comic book) has a huge fan following, will get all answers here. So let’s begin without waiting anymore.

The Breaker Season 3: Release Date, Trailer & Cast

First of all, I would like to refresh your memories regarding this Korean series. Do you remember the child Shiwoon who has enormous love for martial arts and her teacher Chunwoo Han, who taught him everything about martial arts? Shiwoon works day and night to learn martial arts and defeats the opponents which are basically the enemy of her teacher. Murim killed the mentor of Chunwoo Han and that is the reason he is against this alliance.

This manhwa is available in a variety of languages, Korean, French, English, Russian, and Italian. We saw the breaker published in Young Champ’s magazine in 2007. Can’t believe our favorite comic is this old. Whenever I read it or remind its story it feels like it came out in a market yesterday. Its story never gets old. The blend of comedy, drama, and action makes it forever green.

The sequel of this anime came in 2010. The sequel was not any less than part one and thus got a lot of fame. And now the wait is for the third part. There is good news for all the followers that the third part has been confirmed. The producers of this, Geek-Jin and Jin-Havan confirm that they are on the way of making the third part of Breakers. However, they have not released any trailer on the market nor had they confirmed the date.

Sources say that you will be able to see the trailer soon. By soon they mean that the trailer might release this year or at the start of the next year. I am happy that the production house is writing manhwa for the fans no matter how long it takes, it is gonna be the best part and the manhwa might also end with this anime series.

If we talk about the characters of this manhwa, there are chances that some new characters will be added to the third part to make it more interesting. The leading characters will remain constant, probably. But it’s just a hypothesis by the group of fans. People have also started sharing their own made-up stories of the third part which I believe is wrong that is why I am not going to say a word here about it and wait for the original piece.


Is the third part of the Breakers anime?

It is not sure yet but there are a lot of bloggers posting that the third part will be anime.

Will the cast remain the same in the third part of the breakers?

The leading cast would remain the same but some new characters might be added.

Will the third part launch in 2024?

Well, there is no official statement but fans are hoping to see the Breakers part 3 in 2024. But I think it might take some time and probably will release in 2024.



Geek-Jin and Jin-havan have given us a hope that we will see the third part soon however, it is not confirmed what will be the date. Moreover, we cant say it will be an anime or not. But the best part is we are going to see our favorite characters soon and some new faces as well. We can go through parts 1 and 2 until part 3 arrives. There is a piece of advice for you that follow the official news only, do not let your love for The Breaker make you believe in fake news.