Descendants 4 Is On Its Way | Release Date | Cast | Trailer And Everything So Far


Descendants movie has grown many fans ever since its first installment made its first debut in 2015. It is a kind of retelling of famous Disney movies and has taken characters from them. Descendants movie has 3 installments to date and rumors have it that descendants 4 is on its way. All of its three parts have made a huge success and have gathered many fans, especially teens.

The first movie was directed by Kenny Ortega and published by Walt Disney pictures. The first movie has grown to over 6 million fans and it’s more or less the same for the rest of the parts. It features multiple characters the good and the villains from different Disney movies. King Adam and Queen Belle have the villains imprisoned but their son Ben wants to release their children so they can seek redemption. Read below to know about descendants 4, its release date, cast, trailer, and everything.

Descendants 4 Is On Its Way | Release Date | Cast | Trailer And Everything So Far


  • Dove Cameron as Mal
  • Cameron Boyce as Carlos
  • Sofia Carson as Evie
  • Mitchel Hope as Ben
  • Sarah Jeffery as Audrey
  • Brenna D’Amico as Jane
  • Anna Cathcart as Dizzy Tremaine
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficient
  • Melanie Paxon as the Fairy godmother
  • China Anne McClain as Uma

Descendant 1 Plot Summary

The story is set in present-day Auradon where King Adam and Queen Belle (from beauty and the beast) announce the crowning of their son after 25 years of their marriage. Prince Ben being the crown prince proclaims that he will free the descendants of evil characters such as Maleficent, the evil queen, Cruella, Jafar, etc. These descendants are prisoned on a forbidden island alongside their parents and other villains because of their evil history.

Ben receives a lot of criticism from people but he is adamant about freeing the children so they can receive schooling just like the Disney heroes. The descendants are confused about which path to follow. Their parents force them to steal the fairy godmother’s magic wand to that they can lift the magical barrier of the forbidden island. This conspiracy puts all the descendants into a great dilemma.

At first, Mal, the daughter of Maleficient fails to get her hands on the wand. Later on, they are admitted to the Auradon Prep where they make new friends. Jay, son of Jafar gets into the school’s tourney sports team, Carlos befriends a mutt which is a school dog, Evie has a crush on Cinderella’s son, and Mal befriends Jane who is the daughter of the fairy godmother. Mal has evil intentions at first and she uses Jane’s insecurities for her evil mission. Jane isn’t happy with her physical appearance so Mal uses some magic to slightly change a few things about her to make her look beautiful.

The descendants are so close to redeeming the fairy godmother’s magic wand when they hear she will be using it on Ben’s coronation. Mal decided to give Ben a love potion to be seated in the front during coronation day. Ben falls in love with Mal but the effect of the love potion is broken when Ben swims in the enchanted lake. Mal finds out that Ben has genuine feelings for her and she reciprocates the same feelings.

On coronation day, Jane gets hold of the wand before Mal could do to change her appearance with magic. She mishandles the wand and accidentally lifts the barrier from the forbidden island. Maleficient makes an entrance and she is angry with her daughter. She transforms into a dragon and freezes everyone. Mal uses her magic to reduce her in size and unfreezes everyone. Everyone realizes that there is some goodness in the villainous kids while Mal’s eyes give a green flash signaling that there is more to the story.

Descendants 2 Plot Summary

Ben is captivated by Uma, the daughter of Ursula who now rules the forbidden Island. The back story is that Mal as Ben’s new girlfriend faces great dilemmas while adjusting to the new rules. She has to act like the girlfriend of a crowned prince and refers to her mother’s magic book for everything. Upon learning, Ben rejects her, leaving her heartbroken so she flees to the forbidden island and gets back to her usual self. Ben and Mal’s friends search for her on the island, Uma learns about them and captures Ben, and wants the magic wand in return.

Mal and her friends go back to the united states of Auradon to get hold of the wand. They make a fake wand and bring it to Uma, she learns about the trickery and gets furious. Uma already feels resentment toward Ben for not selecting her to go to the Auradon prep. Mal and her friends land back in the Auradon to get the original wand. To their surprise, Uma and Ben make an appearance where Ben claims that he deeply loves Uma. Meanwhile, Jane takes out a stained glass that shows he is under the effect of a love potion and that he holds genuine feelings for Mal.

Mal becomes teary-eyed and kisses him out of pure love which breaks the love spell. Uma is incensed and transforms into a giant octopus, Mal transforms into a dragon and fights Uma with the same might. Ben successfully puts an end to the fight between them and Ben banishes Uma to the forbidden Island. Raging Uma tells the audience that the story isn’t over and that she will come back with vengeance.

Descendant 3 Plot Summary

The third installment of the descendants clearly undermines human nature. It indicates a person can’t be entirely good or entirely bad through Audrey and Mal’s character. The royalties continue to bring villain kids to the Auradon prep. This time around, Mal and her friends are supposed to pick new kids for this purpose. They select Dizzy, Celia, Squeaky, and Squirmy. Dizzy is the granddaughter of lady Tremaine, while the others are the children of Dr. Facilier and Mr. Smee.

The whereabouts of Uma are still unknown which puts Mal into great worry. Meanwhile, Ben proposes to Mal, and Audrey grows hatred in her heart for Mal because she was Ben’s ex-girlfriend. She turns evil in her envy, steals, the queen’s crown, and a Maleficient scepter. She turns Mal into an old hag, out of her jealousy and put a sleeping curse on everyone at Jane’s birthday party.

Not only that she also turns Ben into a beast, to undo Audrey’s doing, Mal and her friends visit the Isle of the lost to get Hades’ staff. They manage to get hold of it and Mal learns that Hades’ is her father. They must not wet the staff otherwise it will lose its powers.

On their way back, Uma steals the staff but she agrees to give it back only if she decides to release all the children from the forbidden island. Uma and Mal must work in unison for the best of both lands. Both of them succeed in undoing everything Audrey has done out of jealousy. In the end, Mal is thankful to Uma for helping her repair the damage that has been done.

Moreover, Ben and Mal are engaged, and Mal decides that she cannot be the Queen of Auradon only. She wants to unite both the isle of the lost and Auradon through a bridge so that children can freely seek education. Which brings utter happiness to the villain’s children.

Descendants 4, What Could Be The Possible Plot


Disney hasn’t yet announced or confirmed the release of Descendants 4 but fans are eagerly waiting for the fourth part. There were a few things left open-ended in the third part of the movie which gives us a suspicion that descendants 4 is on its way. However, there hasn’t been any news about the release date or anything else. Unfortunately, we don’t even have any official trailer through which we can guess the storyline.

Many fans have been randomly guessing the possible storyline of the descendants 4. At the end of the third part of the movie, Mal says she can’t be the Queen of Auradon only. For both the worlds to work in union, she has to be the Queen of the Isle of the lost too. Moreover, she builds a bridge between Auradon and the Isle of the lost with the permission of Ben and Fairy’s godmother. The bridge allows free movement of the villain’s children. With the bridge open, there could be a possibility of evil entities moving freely to the Auradon.

Moreover, there is a complete change of perspective about good and evil when Audrey turns into evil out of jealousy. She tries to use magic on Mal out of pure revenge, because Ben, her ex-boyfriend proposes to Mal. Moreover, many villain kids from the forbidden island prove to be good and try to protect Auradon from evil. This shows that everyone is capable of doing good and bad and that no one is inherently good or bad.

The new story of the descendants 4 can take inspiration from these events and thoughts. Ben and Mal are to be married which seems to be the union of supervillain Mal and Good Ben according to the common binary in the eyes of the world, however, this union can bring many possibilities for both the worlds. Even though we don’t know the release date of the movie but according to the release dates of the first three parts it seems that the descendants might make its appearance in 2024 but it’s only a guess.


What is the descendants about?

Descendants’ movie presents a shift in the old perspectives where good and evil are in combat with each other and in the end, goodness prevails. Descendants features the children of famous villains and heroes from the Disney world. The villains are forbidden from the Auradon however, there is a new rule that the villain kids can visit Auradon to get an education with the others.

What do the descendants focus on?

The story focuses on the concept that no one on earth is inherently evil or good. It is the situation that brings about goodness or evil. This idea is propagated through Audrey’s character who is the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Philips. She turns evil out of jealousy toward Mal. Audrey is the ex-girlfriend of the crown prince Ben but he, later on, proposes to Mal.

When will the descendants 4 be premiered?

The official release date of the descendants 4 is not confirmed yet because Disney hasn’t announced anything about the fourth part. There is however a possibility that there will be a fourth part to it because there are few hints from its third installment. According to the release date of all the first three parts, we might expect the fourth part sometime around 2024.

The Bottom Line

Descendants is about human nature capable of doing good and bad at the same time depending upon the situation. The movie has premiered in 3 parts up till now and Disney might also release its fourth part. It is about Auradon where the famous heroes and their children reside under the reign of King Adam and Belle. The infamous villains from the Disney world are banished to the isle of lost. Until Ben decides to free some of the villain kids from the forbidden island to seek education with them on his coronation.