Monarca Season 2: Possible Release Date & Latest Updates!


Television dramas, particularly Mexican dramas, are a popular genre among viewers. They’ve got all the suspense, twists, and turns. Monarca, a Netflix original show created and produced by Gutierrez, is one of these shows; the show revolves around a wealthy family of business moguls. The Carranza family controls a tequila company and looks for greater power and money. They are always looking for new ways to improve their family’s riches. Naturally, they will encounter various obstacles in their quest for more fortune.

They are three siblings who battle among themselves to get the power. The situation becomes interesting when one of the siblings’ Ana, returns home after twenty years and becomes the CEO of her dad’s tequila empire. This doesn’t bode well with her brothers.

Monarco became a well-liked show as a result of all the drama. It premiered in 2019, with a second season following in 2023. The audience was intrigued by the violence, gossip, and drama. What does this series’ future hold? Is there going to be another season? Let’s see what happens.

Release Date Of Season 2 And Latest Updates

The first season premiered in 2019. Due to its enormous popularity and positive reception, it was promptly renewed for a second season. In 2023, the second season was telecasted. The show ranked in the top ten in Mexico and other nations. It was even trending for a few days in America. However, there has been no word of its third season. After more than a year, fans wonder whether they will be able to see another season. Season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger, which piqued viewers’ interest.

However, there has been news that the show has been canceled and won’t have a third season. Many cast members have said goodbyes to their characters, so it is doubtful that you will see the Carranza family again. The cancellation of this show has been confirmed by Netflix. Netflix decides whether to cancel or renew the show. This decision is usually based on the number of views. Monarca, it appears, failed to match Netflix’s expectations for its second season. Because the production cost was higher than the expected viewership, Netflix chose not to proceed. The continuance of this story will cost the corporation more money than it will be able to retrieve.

The show also has good reviews from the critics and audience alike. It has a 7.8/10 rating on IMDB. Although it is a pretty good rating, but not good enough to get a new season.

According to the production, the program’s cost was relatively high. Netflix decided to spend the money on a show with a smaller budget. Monarca was a costly series; therefore, the production team decided that even if it was a success and did well, they would rather spend the money on several shows rather than just one.

The Plotline

Season one begins with the death of the Caranza family’s head. He was killed. Now that the company is in trouble, it’s time to choose a new CEO. Cecilia Caranza must pick one of her three children. Ana maria Caranza is the person she trusts. This is not going to sit well with Ana’s brother. The story of power begins from here.

Joaquin, Anna’s brother, poses a severe threat. Joaquin is attempting to climb the ladder in Season 2. He succeeds as well, becoming president by pulling some political threads. Mexico has a new president as well. Joaquin was the one who wanted the power and money in the first season. Still, in the second season, he supports his brother and sister in taking over the company. Sophia is investigating the assassination of her father. Her spouse had an extramarital romance with Ana as well. That is why she refuses to participate in this power-hungry game. This show offers drama and twists at every turn.

Cecilla isn’t feeling well, and her past haunts her; she has lots of skeletons in her closet. She falls from the second floor, injuring herself. In a surprising turn of events, Joaquin was shown to be a non-Carranza. Who is his father? The third season would have been a step forward from this point on, portraying the Carranza siblings’ dilemma and this change in their family dynamics.

The Cast

Osvaldo Benavides played the role of Andres carranza. On social media, Osvaldo Benavides said goodbye to his character. Because there was no word on whether the program would be renewed, he took to Instagram. He posted an emotional statement saying farewell to Andrez. He stated that he was pretty proud of his character, but it was now time to part ways.

Irene Azuela played as Ana Carranza. She also wrote an emotional statement on Instagram saying farewell to Ana. She stated that some stories never end, that she adored her Monarca staff, and was pleased with the team’s work quality.

Rosa Maria Bianchi plays Cecilia Davila Vda, Davila and De Carranza, are among the cast members. Joaquin Carranza Davila is played by Juan Manuel Bernal. All these casts would have returned if there had been a third season.

Where To Watch Season 1 And Season 2?

Since it is a Netflix original, you can watch it on Netflix. Remember that the program was canceled and that the story remains unfinished. However, if you still want to meet the Caranzo family, you can subscribe to Netflix and watch this Mexican drama. Netflix also offers new users a one-month free trial.

Final Thoughts

So, it has been confirmed that there is no third season. It is a piece of heartbreaking news for fans, and also, season two has a big cliffhanger. It is up to Netflix, which shows it wants to keep it on the streaming platforms. Several factors lead up to this decision. It is unfortunate for fans, as the third one would have been great after that ending of the second season. But, if you like Mexican dramas, there are several shows on Netflix that you can watch.