Outer Banks Season 4 Release Date Confirmation Updates: Renewed or Cancelled?

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Outer Banks Season 4 has been one of the most hotly-anticipated shows this year, and with good reason. The show follows the lives of a group of friends as they travel to the Outer Banks for their final summer before college.

Can we expect Outer Banks season 4 or is it getting cancelled?

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In case you’re looking for the updates about the 4th season of this amazing show, you came to the right place! Here we collected all the details familiar so far.

Since season 3 is most likely being worked on, Netflix will probably make the 4th one as well. The show became extremely popular so that would be the only reasonable assumption. The important question is when can we expect it to come out?

Release Date of season 4

We will have to disappoint the fans this time because there is no information available about the season 4 release date or any particular updates related to this.

Netflix is trying to keep plans about future seasons a secret, but we have every reason to assume that season 3 is currently under production. So, if the 3rd season was released at the end of 2024 or early 2024, it means that we will have to wait until 2024 or even 2024 for the season 4.


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The events are set in North Carolina, after the disappearence of John B’s (Chase Stokes) father. He is convinced that it was not an accident.

His friends are called “Pogues” and the four of them give their best to figure it out. It turned out that they weren’t the only ones looking for the Royal Merchant.

The first season was a huge success, so it led to the production of the second one in July 2020.

From the first episode, we can see that there are two sides to living in that place. The Kooks are known as the elite, while the working class are the Pogues.

Since the Kooks live the luxorious lifestyle and are wealthy and well-established, they are always able to get away from trouble and never suffer the consequences of their actions. Pogues end up being the ones paying for their mistakes.

From the start, we are aware that there are two sides to living in the Outer Banks. You are either part of the elite, better known as the Kooks, or you stand with the working class, the Pogues.

It is evident that the Kooks are always able to get away from trouble through their luxurious lifestyle, but the same cannot be said about the Pogues.

We can clearly see an example of this when Pope (Jonathan Daviss) got beat up by Topper (Austin North) and didn’t get any punishement for it. On the other hand, when Pope decided to sink his ship as a payback, he was almost sent to juvenile prison.

The characters aren’t black and white. For instance, Kiara was born a Kook. Her father is a wealthy restaurant owner. However, she prefers to spend time with the Pogues on their side of the island, also known as the Cut.

Something similar happened to Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), also known as the blonde “princess”. She dates Topper and hangs out with the people from her crew at the beginning, but ends up falling in love with John B. after their adventure.

They were searching for documents which belonged to the owner of an incredibly expensive property.

Besides falling in love, she also noticed that she enjoyed spending time with Pogues much more than with the Kooks.

The Mystery of the Royal Merchant

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Before he went missing, John B’s father was on a mission to find the Royal Merchant, which is a historical ship and a source of 400-million-dollar treasure. John and his gang were trying to find out what had actually happened to him, and the mission was extremely dangerous since many people were trying to crack the code as well.

Everyone on the island knew the gold existed, but they believed it sank together with the ship. John and his friends bumped into a wrecked boat after a hurricane, and there they found a compass with the word “Redfield” engraved with the handwriting of John’s father.

Redfield was John B’s grandmother’s last name and it led the group to the location where the ship sank. Then they managed to find the Royal Merchant itself, but unfortunately the gold wasn’t there.

There were two possibilities to what happened- someone took it already or the story wasn’t real. Sarah and John later found out that the survivor of Royal Merchant, a slave Denmark Tanney, used the gold to buy off his freedom as well as various pieces of land where he built a cotton empire. That place turned out to be Sarah’s household.

At the household, the group found a letter that Denmark wrote to his son before he was executed. John B’s history teacher translated it for them and it led them to the location of the gold, which was underneath the house of a sinister woman.

They had the treasure, but not for long. Sarah’s father treatened John to hand over the treasure. John managed to escape, but the treasure was gone. Ward prepared an airplane and took it to the Bahamas.

Is Outer Bank based on a true story?

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The name of the series actually comes from a real place in North Carolina, and both of the seasons mostly revolve around finding treasures that were left behind by Denmark Tanny.

Even though his character is fictional, there was a man called Denmark Vesey who had a similar story. He was a formarly enslaved man from Charlestone, South Carolina. He managed to purchase his freedom by winning the lottery.

Even though he set himself free, his enslaver didn’t allow freedom of his wife and children to be purchased. Vesey allegedly plotted a rebellion against the slaveholders after which he was hanged, just like the fictional Denmark.