Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!


Ballroom E Youkoso is a fun anime TV series taken from Japanese manga. The story is written and illustrated by Tomo Takeuchi, and its anime adaptation appeared on the screens in 2017. The series was produced by production I.g, and it has 10 volumes up till now. It features an aimless young boy named Tatara Fujita who becomes a dancer by chance. The producers have released only one season up till now, let’s see if we will have Ballroom E Youkoso season 2 in the near future.

Plot Summary Season 1

The story revolves around a young boy, named Tatara Fujita, who is in the third year of middle school. Tatara loses the essence of life after constantly being nagged by bullies for money. He has no plans for the future whatsoever. Tatara has no one to guide him to his future, therefore he wanders aimlessly here and there. He is often told off by his teachers and elders for being unmotivated and aimless in life.

While he is again bullied by some of his delinquents, he bumps into a man named Kaname Sengoku who is a dance coach and owns a studio. Kaname saves him from the bullies when he finds Tatara walking toward his studio following the girl he fancies. Kaname scares the bullies away and invites Tatara to his studio. Tatara agrees and finds out that Shizuku, the girl he likes, is a ballroom dancer.

Tatara wants to dance with Shizuku but he lacks confidence in himself and considers himself unworthy of her. He immediately leaves the studio. Tatara wants to join the dance studio but cannot because he doesn’t have enough money to pay an entry fee. His financial issues make him despondent but Kaname insists he joins the studio and pays the money in late installments.

Kaname boosts Tatara’s confidence and makes him realize his abilities as a dancer. He takes special time to train Tatara and teaches him boxing which is a very difficult session. Kaname believes Tatara would give up after a few minutes but he keeps practicing the whole night to his surprise. After joining the studio, Tatara finally finds the meaning of his life. Many people love watching Welcome to the Ballroom and they are eagerly waiting for season 2. Let’s see if we’ll have Ballroom E Youkoso season 2.

Will There Be Ballroom E Youkoso Season 2?

Welcome to the ballroom has been a huge success with up to 8.2 positive ratings out of 10. People have loved watching Ballroom E Youkoso because of the storyline. Even Amazon prime gained the right to air this show, and people are ardently waiting for Ballroom E Youkoso season 2. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any news about Ballroom E Youkoso season 2.

However, there are many possibilities for the second season. There is ample material to make an entire new story. Tatara may come out as a successful dancer and might open up his own dancing studio. Apart from that, by looking at the success of the first season, many producing studios might think about making Ballroom E Youkoso season 2.

We can expect many things from Ballroom E Youkoso season 2. The second part might focus completely on the personality growth of Tatara. He might gain more confidence and might start interacting more with his fellows. Moreover, Tatara might open up his own dancing studio where he might start teaching dancing to other people.


What is Ballroom E Youkoso about?

Ballroom E Youkoso is a typical fun story that revolves around the life of a middle-school teenager Tatara Fujita. Tatara is an introvert and shy person, who is constantly bullied by fellow students. Tatara has no direction about his future and is extremely low on confidence until a dance coach named Kaname Sengoku rescues him. Kaname invites him to his dance studio where he starts his career as a professional dancer.

Why has Tatara no plans for his future?

Tatara has always been a shy and introverted kind of person who has never been guided about his future. He is bullied by other teenagers for money which further shatters his confidence level. Tatara has no plans for his future because he lacks the presence of someone who would show him directions. Kaname Sengoku saves him from the bullies and takes him in to become a dancer. Tatara starts a career as a dancer after meeting Kaname.

Will there be Ballroom E Youkoso season 2?

Ballroom E Youkoso has won the hearts of its fans and has gained an 8.2/10 rating worldwide. The first season was a huge success and people are eagerly waiting to hear about Ballroom E Youkoso season 2. Although there hasn’t been any official news about the season’s renewal, the chances of the second season are high.

The Bottom Line


Ballroom E Youkoso also known as Welcome to the Ballroom is a Japanese sports anime series written and illustrated by Tomo Takeuchi. The story features a young boy Tamara Fujita from middle school with no future plans as such. His personality is defined as shy and introverted. Tamara is a victim of bullying by other fellows.

He lands in a dance studio by chance when he gets an invitation from Kaname Sengoku. After that, he started a career as a dancer. The season has gained a huge positive rating after which people are waiting for season 2. Will there be season 2? Keep reading to know everything about welcome to the Ballroom.