Boarding School Juliet Season 2 Release Date: Canceled or Confirmed

Boarding School Juliet is a Japanese manga series which is written and illustrated by Yosuke Kaneda. It has several adaptations such as serialization in popular magazines, novels, and anime series. Its anime series was directed by Seiki Takuno, Amazon got its license and its first episode was released on 6 October 2018. Ever since its … Read More

Sneaky Pete Season 4 Release Date: CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

Sneaky Pete is one of the most popular series on Amazon Prime Video. The series was first released on the specified platform and was renewed for three seasons before it was revealed that the third season was the final season. The news left many fans heartbroken as they could not find any justifiable reason for … Read More


Fans of the famous American sitcom “Schooled” were left shocked when the makers announced the decision about the cancellation of the third season of the series. Despite its run for two seasons and high reception among viewers, the makers still decided to discontinue shooting for the third installment of the show, and fans were left … Read More

Miraculous Ladybug Movie – Ladybug and Cat Noir Awakening – Everything you Need To Know

Musical animated movies have taken over the internet because of their excellent graphics, pleasing music, and unique plotline. I also prefer watching movies that are light-hearted and offer me an escape from a monotonous routine. Therefore, I became extremely excited when I was told about the upcoming musical animated movie Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir … Read More